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Take me! Keeper of the Seeds: We had to get out. The Ace: Why can’t you stop? [Nux gets out of the rig and start running towards the front of the rig] Directed by George Miller. Sleep, get some rest. Cheedo the Fragile: We were his treasures! Corpus Colossus: Hey, pa. I know. [Furiosa starts walking to the back of the rig when Joe and his forces start getting closer, suddenly Furiosa lunges out of the way] The Vuvalini #3: But if you came from the west, you passed it. Hey! [he takes off in his vehicle with a couple of War Boys]. Nux: Uh-huh. – Ralph Waldo Emerson. [Furiosa sits next to Max as he drives and hands her a rifle; back with Joe and his War Boys as they try to get past the blocked overpass] That’s a universal donor! Cheedo the Fragile: No! Named for his dotty demeanor and oversized, green top hat, he is an elderly man that Alice encounters in Wonderland. Imperator Furiosa: Stay in the rig. New Reporter #4: [voice] The earth is sour. He saw it all. The Dag: Stay right where you are, little Joe. Nux: Get up! Keeper of the Seeds: I like this plan. [to the other War Boys on the rig] [to Furiosa] Toast the Knowing: And water. [Slit then goes to get to his vehicle when Nux grabs the wheel] I’m supposed to be alone. Imperator Furiosa: I am one of the Vuvalini! She died, on the third day. Out of the way! The deficit mounts, and now, sir, you have us stuck in a quagmire! Child: [voice] Where are you, Max? Take me! Go. [the crowd cheers] Keeper of the Seeds: These are from home. Rictus Erectus: Do they wish to surrender? Toast the Knowing: Are you okay? Nux: I'll pike her in the spine; keep her breathing for you. [he takes off in his vehicle with a couple of War Boys] Imperator Furiosa: We’re dragging something out back. Max’s Wife: [voice] Help us. Max Rockatansky: Alright. Chanting War Boy: Hooked on! The Splendid Angharad: That’s why we have his logo seared on our backs! Stop. Max Rockatansky: Hey. Yes. The Valkyrie: Please! [Furiosa then starts to lose consciousness] War Pup: She’s back. Immortan Joe: Miss Giddy? This rig goes nowhere without me. Capable: I’ll go. Nux: No! We snagged her alive. Capable: And we’ll be with Nux, he’s a War Boy. Imperator Furiosa: I need you here. What is this? You traited him! [Nux grabs the cutters then notices the women] [Max tries to distract Rictus by attacking him and knocks him out]. [the older Vuvalini women inspect the younger women] The Vuvalini: And what’s there to find at the Citadel? He’s just a kid at the end of his half-life. With Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Bruce Spence, Adam Cockburn. The Ace: Hey! Hey, Rictus!   The Splendid Angharad: It hurts. We take my blood bag and strap him to the lancer’s perch. Immortan Joe: Splendid! Imperator Furiosa: No! It will take hold of you and you will resent its absence. Max Rockatansky: So we take the War Rig and we charge it right through the middle of them. Toast the Knowing: Do you think there’s still somebody out there? Max Rockatansky: You done this before? You want to get through this? - YouTube War Boy! Reveal yourself. Toast the Knowing: To who? Imperator Furiosa: They’re reliable. The Mad Hatter is a character from Disney's 1951 animated feature film, Alice in Wonderland. View All Videos (4) Mad Max: Fury Road Quotes. Immortan Joe: No. Toast the Knowing: Hey! [Max tries to get back onto the rig as he causes the People Eater’s truck to crash and explode, at the same time Furiosa sees Toast is being held hostage in Joe’s truck she tries to crash into him but fails as gains momentum on them] The Vuvalini: He wants to go back from where they came. [two War Boys open the bottom of Max’s cage and poke him with an electric rod] Immortan Joe: Patience! Decoy? The Crowd: Furiosa! Alright, hold it up. A man reduced to a single instinct: Survive. [Valkyrie embraces Furiosa as she cries] Shh-shh-shh. [we see one of the War Boys, Nux hooked up to Max as his blood supply when he sees the other War Boys setting off to go after Furiosa] Convoy’s on its way. Let them up! The Dag: I thought you weren’t insane anymore. Assuming we’re still alive by then? Aqua cola! [they start laughing] They’ve got my blood. Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. My Initiating Mother was K.T. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Imperator Furiosa: Can I talk to you? [he starts shooting his guns] Imperator Furiosa: It’s all here! [Max and Furiosa kill some of the War Boys but one of them throws a rope into the rig to strangle Furiosa] They used to bounce messages across the earth. Max Rockatansky: So we take the War Rig and we charge it right through the middle of them. The Ace: I’ll pass it down the line. Are you there? [Furiosa doesn’t reply] Immortan Joe: Rictus! Drained all her blood. Cheedo the Fragile: He’s dead! Mel Gibson starred in the first three films and Tom Hardy took over as Max … We are publishing new cheats, hints and secrets every day since 1998. So soft. The Vuvalini: Hey! [Valkyrie calls to the others in her clan, they arrive to surround Furiosa on their bikes, Valkyrie climbs down the tower, puts on a robe and runs to Furiosa] [as Joe enters the room he sees the message “Our Babies Will Not be Warlords” written on the ground and the messages “Who Killed the World?”, “We Are Not Things” on the walls] Warner Bros. Pictures announced on Wednesday a trio of theatrical release dates, most notably for the Mad Max prequel Furiosa. The Dag: It’s got everything you need, as long as you’re not afraid of heights. The Vuvalini #3: We had no water and… Immortan Joe: On! Max Rockatansky: [voice over] My name is Max. [they destroy another Buzzard vehicle, but the War Boys also get killed in the process as their vehicle tumbles over] But Wait! Imperator Furiosa: I’ve talked with the others. Keeper of the Seeds: There’s something in the eyes. Heirlooms. All that’s left are his War Pups and War Boys too sick to fight. [he gently lifts Furiosa’s head as she whispers to him] Through the canyon. Immortan Joe: What about the child? He was 73. The People Eater: We are down thirty thousand units of guzzoline, nineteen canisters of nitro, twelve assault bikes, seven pursuit vehicles. Imperator Furiosa: That’s not his blood. my half-life War Boys who will ride with me eternal on the highways of Valhalla. Nux: Immortan! Back then, everyone had their fill. The Dag: Come on. [to girls] So I exist in this wasteland. [in Joe’s Citadel we see women sat with their breasts hooked to pumps and being milked, Joe offers a bottled milk to Rictus, he drinks some and nods his head] [to Furiosa] Home. They’ll be back! Healthy babies. Immortan Joe: You! [Max awakens to find himself still chained to an unconscious Nux, after failing to free himself, he grabs Nux and a rifle and walks over to the rig to find Furiosa and Joe’s wives Splendid Angharad, Toast The Knowing, Capable, Cheedo The Fragile and The Dag cleaning themselves with a hose, they notice Mad pointing his rifle at them] I had a little baby brother! Nux: Engine one’s good. Imperator Furiosa: Don’t blow my engine. there is More! Nux: Witness me. Child: [voice] Hello? Keeper of the Seeds: That’s what you call a satellite. Max Rockatansky: Leave three bolts. I plant one every chance I get. Day 1 (first viewing): Mad Max: Fury Road is the stylistic equivalent of The Wizard of Oz. One of those bikes is yours. There’s a ridiculous amount of clear water. [to Slit, referring to the car he’s on] [Valkyrie tries to spear one of the vehicles but gets knocked down from her bike along with one of the Vuvalini that was with her] Max Rockatansky: Take this. Immortan Joe: Wait! Today is my day. [they drive towards the tower where a naked woman, The Valkyrie, is crying and screaming] Hey. One of those bikes is yours. Imperator Furiosa: They’re reliable. That’s the War Rig! Max Rockatansky: [voice over] I tell myself, they cannot touch me. Imperator Furiosa: Leave him to me. Starring: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Josh Helman, Nathan Jones, Zoë Kravitz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee, Courtney Eaton,  John Howard, Richard Carter, Iota, Angus Sampson, Jennifer Hagan, Megan Gale, Melissa Jaffer. Hut! The Bullet Farmer: Just one angry shot, For Furiosa! Imperator Furiosa: Don’t breathe. You can do it! I’ve been called to the torture! [Valkyrie manages to shoot and kill the War Boy driving Max’s car] [Furiosa turns to leave] Shut it off behind us. Fortified in the massive, armored truck the War Rig, they try to outrun the ruthless warlord and his henchmen in a deadly high-speed chase through the Wasteland. Capable: He does. Keeper of the Seeds: The men, who are they? What a lovely day! Are you there? Max Rockatansky: What is this? [he has haunting thoughts of his dead wife and child] Stop! [one of Furiosa’s War Boys vehicles pulls up close to the rig] The Bullet Farmer: Come on! Nux: You hear that? Imperator Furiosa: Eyes right! The Vuvalini #2: From where did you come? [Nux looks at Capable before going to the engine], [looking at the vehicle following them] [Max doesn’t respond] Keeper of the Seeds: Come here. Max Rockatansky: You and me, fifth wheel. The Dag: Say, anyone notice that bright light? I am your redeemer! [the group arrives at the Citadel with Max driving] [pointing to the crying woman] Stay with me. [to Nux] The Valkyrie: Help me! Imperator Furiosa: I’m going to need you to drive. Of the many mothers! The deficit mounts, and now, sir, you have us stuck in a quagmire!   And there’s the people eater himself. [Furiosa shoots and kills the War Boys on the bike riding towards them] Miss Giddy: Aah! The Vuvalini #2: The water was filth. The Ace: New orders! Nux: Filth! Max Rockatansky: This is your way home. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. TheDreik. I’ll get him out of our way. Immortan Joe! Black Mask: It’s Immortan Joe. [after the War Boys catch the rig’s steering wheel with a chain, Angharad manages to break the chain with the cutters, then the rig gets close to massive rock It’s coming. Or does it? The Vuvalini: Who knows? Max Rockatansky: [voice over] Once, I was a cop, a road warrior searching for a righteous cause. Now it’s my car! [as they are cooling off the rig’s engine they see a massive explosion up ahead, then out of the dust cloud they see Max returns with blood on his face, along with guns, ammo, a steering wheel and a shoe which he throws to Nux] Imperator Furiosa: Not without them. Help him aboard! The Ace: Bullet farm? [to Nux] [to Dag] Max Rockatansky: And them? The Organic Mechanic: It’s gone awful quiet in there. HI-Octane. 3:04. Mad Max: Fury Road Videos. Playing next. Fang it! If you can’t stand up, you can’t do war! [Nux starts running after the rig as Furiosa drives off, inside the rig Angharad starts to bandage up the wound on her leg] Calls it aqua cola and claims it all for himself. [as the Bullet Farmer is getting nearer and shooting at them Max takes a shot at him] Keeper of the Seeds: Here we go, girls! The Ace: Should we turn it ’round and run them into our backup? Shem Lee. Keeper of the Seeds: You having a baby? [to Corpus as he looks through the binoculars] [the other Vuvalini women chuckle] The Dag: Seeds. Max Rockatansky: We need someone down the back. [to one of the Vuvalini women] [we see the War Boys hooking together a massive tank] [Joe walks over to Giddy who’s got a gun pointed at him, just as she’s about to shoot he pulls the weapon up and grabs her] [Max holds out his hand and Furiosa takes it in agreement] Hold it up. Now that I drive a War Rig, this is the best shot I’ll ever have. Backup? Cheedo the Fragile: Don’t they know they’re shooting at us? Nux: We’re not to blame! [Max starts the rig’s engine and starts driving off], [as they watch Max drive the rig away] Immortan Joe: Do not, my friends, become addicted to water. Snap. Cheedo the Fragile: And now she’s dead! [he continues to be haunted by the images of dead people] [Joe looks through the telescope] [he starts banging his head on the floor] How long has it been? Immortan Joe: They are heading for the canyon. I am awaited. Nux: Form up! He wants them back. The Ace: Go. [to one of the War Boys] Immortan Joe: Where are they? Imperator Furiosa: I remember something like that. Cheedo the Fragile: She’s hurt! [Max takes the jacket off of Nux] Toast the Knowing: What are you doing? Immortan Joe: They are heading for the canyon. [suddenly he grabs her throat] [referring to the rifle after taking inventory of the bullets] Nux: I thought I was being spared for something great. Imperator Furiosa: Let’s go. David’s turning 50 and having a Mid-life Crisis! Toast the Knowing: Where did he come from? Imperator Furiosa: I was born there. [Joe sprays chrome paint on Nux’s mouth] Splendid, that’s my child! [referring to the bucket by the rig] Keeper of the Seeds: What others? [he sees Max taking the cloth off of Joe’s dead body and the crowd of people gasp] Mad Max Tours: Wonderful day! [as Joe is about to shoot at Furiosa Angharad opens the rig door to show herself] Max Rockatansky: Uh-oh. Engine one is gone, two’s about to blow. The Ace: Buzzards! If we leave the rig here and load the motorcycles up with as much as we can, we can maybe ride for a hundred and sixty days. [the crowd cheers]. Tree! [he suddenly sees the image of his dead son] Another month, could’ve been your viable human. What do I call you? [to Max] The Bullet Farmer: Oh, you stay here with your grief, daddy. [Max nods his head], [as they drive through the canyon Furiosa puts black oil around her eyes, she stops the rig, gets out and puts up her hands] We’ll unhook the tanker. Imperator Furiosa: It’s a long night’s run, heading east. The Vuvalini: He wants to go back from where they came. Keeper of the Seeds: You having a baby? Stop! Max Rockatansky: So we wait. Nux: Uh-huh. The Dag: The crows. [Joe overtakes the rig and the War Boys on top of his truck start shooting at them; to Joe] That’s the order! [to Nux as he makes his way towards the rig’s engine] Max Rockatansky: Alright. Imperator Furiosa: We need inventory. Imperator Furiosa: Bullet Farmer. I live, I die, I live again! Yeah! Help us. I got his boot! I had a little baby brother! [Furiosa looks unconvinced] And he was perfect! Toast the Knowing: Back? [Joe pulls her] [Rictus lifts Cheedo onto the back of Joe’s truck] Max Rockatansky: Yeah. Nux: Engine one’s good. Nux: By his hand, we’ll be lifted up! Must See Video As The Beast Has More Than One Mark! War Boy: It’s right in front of your eyes! Its fictional time frame runs from March 1960 to November 1970.   She’s ours! Capable: Stop doing that. You need to take the War Rig half a click down the track. We can decouple the tanker at the pass. The Bullet Farmer: Closer. [the two War Boys on the bike chase after the rig], See more Mad Max: Fury Road Quotes Okay. [to Angharad] Big boy! [one of the War Pup’s with Corpus is looking through the binoculars and see Max getting out of the truck and standing on the hood] I think it’s the fuel pod. Cheedo the Fragile: Here! [Angharad starts walking towards the rig and Max goes to stop her] Max Rockatansky: So why’d you leave? New Reporter #2: [voice] It’s the oil, stupid. Stop. "Sexual tension so thick you can cut it." [referring to the bucket by the rig] There you go, okay. Imperator Furiosa: They’re looking for hope. [the rig stalls and as Max and Furiosa go to fix it Cheedo makes a run for it] I should be walking with the immorta, mcfeasting with the heroes of all time. Keeper of the Seeds: What are they saying? [the rig gets stuck in the desert mud again, as Max, Furiosa and the wives are desperately trying to get out of it, The Bullet Farmer is catching up to them]   Toast the Knowing: If we can block the pass, it’ll be easy. Witness Me. I know he will! Imperator Furiosa: They’re looking for hope. [pointing to the buttons under the steering wheel and on the dashboard] War Boy: Furiosa! Capable: He means the tree. [to Dag] Max Rockatansky: Hold these. Capable: Cheedo! [Capable and Dag run after her]   Directed by George Miller, George Ogilvie. It feels like hope. Nux: I was awaited in Valhalla. Cheedo the Fragile: Why is she making that noise? Capable: I’ll go. Keeper of the Seeds: It could be a girl. But maybe these releases will get people to look into it and download the app or even subscribe at this point. Prepare the gunners! Child: [voice] Help us, Max. Max Rockatansky: Leave three bolts. Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition. [to the other Vuvalini woman helping him] Max Rockatansky: You and me, fifth wheel. vet game 1. what a lovely day (Mad Max) bafomdad. [suddenly Nux headbutts Slit and takes the wheel] Morsov: Witness me! [Furiosa sets off in the War Rig to collect gasoline from Gas Town, along with a group of War Boys; to Slit] Furiosa! Cheedo the Fragile: I don’t want to hear that again! The Valkyrie: Maadi! Headshots, all of them. Hold up a flare. [Max goes to the back of the rig and starts cutting the chains attached the harpoons thrown by the War Boys]. Nux: I’m going to use the winch around the tree thing! New Reporter #1: [voice] Why are you hurting these people? Imperator Furiosa: Behind you. What wrong with that? He brought all of the war parties through. [Furiosa punches him], [Nux continues to chase after Furiosa] [Joe goes inside his vehicle where Organic is with the mortally wounded Angharad] The People Eater: Bullocks! The Organic Mechanic: Hey, Joe! The Dag: Angharad used to call them antiseed. Movies 1 day ago. Copy embed to clipboard. Imperator Furiosa: I’ve talked with the others. See what? Share to Tumblr. I’ll get him out of our way. [Dag and Capable take Cheedo back towards the rig] Capable: They were her words! My Initiating Mother was K.T. Tuck It In Trouser - Mad Plaid.

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