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PutsMail + Litmus makes email testing easier There's no faster way to test emails than using PutsMail and Litmus together. Better yet: By integrating Litmus Spam Testing with your ESP, you can make inbox issues and the spam folder problems of the past. Your test has been sent! What do I do if I don't receive a result after my test? Simply connect to your email service provider (ESP), and we’ll equip you with powerful tools you can use to collaborate, integrate, and evaluate your way to more effective marketing. It’s the fastest, most reliable method for getting messages in front of the right people at the right time—in the most compelling format possible. Inbox … Guest: Melissa Sargeant - CMO, Litmus . Litmus equips your entire team with the most powerful pre-send email testing tools available today. Inbox Inspector. The lack of universal rules among email clients make email testing inevitable. With Litmus Email Analytics, you can do just that. 675 Massachusetts Ave., 10th Floor Cambridge, MA 02139 +1 (866) 787-7030, “There is nothing more frustrating than working on something and then keep redoing it because there are issues. When an email is sent to your Litmus Checklist address ( address) We track previews based on how many email clients are selected and how many previews for those selected clients are generated. Why is my email cut off at the bottom? Litmus takes screenshots of how your email looks across different email clients and devices. The Litmus Email Previews application provides Oracle Eloqua customers the ability to test and view how emails will render in the inboxes of more than 90 email clients and devices. Litmus email testing ensures each email you send is on-brand and error-free. Adobe Marketo; Oracle Eloqua; Oracle Responsys; Salesforce Marketing Cloud ; Acoustic Campaign; SAP Marketing Cloud; By Industry. Then use Litmus Checklist to analyze subject lines, verify links, and check your code for critical tags. Use your existing Litmus login to save your test history. Preview your email with Litmus to ensure it looks great and performs everywhere. Can I host my images in Litmus for email testing? Share Checklist results; How do I change my "default" email clients for … Litmus provides instant email previews and quality assurance tools across all major inbox providers, browsers, and devices, and features comprehensive analytics to help users quickly and easily build, test, troubleshoot, and optimize every … Keep reviews and approvals on track, without having to switch between multiple apps and tools. Contact It's amazing how it's filled in the biggest gap with local development and litmus testing. Litmus pre-send email testing helps you find and fix issues long before your message hits inboxes. Sign up for a free account in 30 seconds. Get guided checks of the critical elements that affect performance before you send. #### Preview your email in popular email clients and ensure they look great everywhere before you send. The [Litmus Email Analytics API](doc:email-analytics) allows you to create new campaigns, generate HTML tracking code to insert into your outgoing emails, and the ability to access in-depth metrics detailing the ‘when,’ ‘where,’ and ‘how’ an email is opened. Emails sent into Litmus will include the ESP send-time HTML processing, which impacts previews and Proofs. The screenshot testing is simple to use and super useful - you simply send an email to your special litmus email address, and within minutes get screenshots showing how that email renders in a range of email clients. Simply connect to your email service provider (ESP), and we’ll equip you with powerful tools you can use to collaborate, integrate, and evaluate your way to more effective marketing. … Litmus empowers you with the tools you need to strengthen campaigns and segment audiences—whether you work with a team of two or collaborate with 200. Submit a retest; Litmus status page; Why is an email client unavailable for testing? Why aren't my email's images loading within the screenshots? Ensure every email you send is seen, heard, and acted on. Test with Litmus wherever you work. We feature 30 email testing tools in this article. We have a third party email service provider that does the design and sending but use Litmus as the "single point of truth" for spam testing, inbox testing, design review (e.g. Track data and share insights to improve performance. Email Previews can be viewed directly inside the Oracle Eloqua email editor. There are many free or freemium tools online that can help you with testing your SPAM score, deliverability and even the rendering of your email. Litmus now goes beyond screenshots, test interactively with real email clients and preview your emails in real-time. Email. We made a handy decision tree to help you decide. Litmus Testing Your B2B Email Marketing Strategy. Password We can also validate the web pages using Litmus. Litmus pre-send email testing helps you find and fix issues long before your message hits inboxes. Spam Tests * Test your email with a wide range of spam filters PutsMail is one of the early email testing tools. 1. … Contact The entire process is quick, easy, and comprehensive. Today, 70-80% of Litmus’ business is email testing. The web-based email creation, testing, and analytics platform empowers marketers, designers, and agencies to confidently deliver a superior subscriber experience.

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