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Price $7.99. If I can't buy it from my local Sally's Beauty Supply can I buy it offline without a license somewhere? You won’t mistakenly bleach a spot twice, and you’ll be sure to cover your entire head. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo. This intermixable palette of semi-permanents includes the three new shades Red, Yellow and Orange plus supporting shades of Blue, Magenta, Purple, Green, along with a Clear Mixer, so that it's possible to create any hue, shade and nuance. developer (applicable for most cases) with the hair dye or apply the hair dye alone over dry hair, if the package instructs so, with a special hair dye comb. ** ️Subscribe ️️**In todays video I'm talking all about hair color removers. The hair stylist insisted on using 30v bleach … And finally, I use this Joico hair oil, which is what saved me from my bad bleach job in 2012, and is still the best for the money as far as I’m concerned. Please take our 3-minute survey, Best Sellers. Add to List. Spend £40+ & Save £5 | Spend £50+ & Save £10,

  • Gel polish from ASP
  • Part of the Signature range
  • Brilliant shine and vibrant colour
  • Prevents chipping and smudges
  • Provides a high-gloss finish that lasts
  • Award-winning patented formula
  • Up to 21 days of chip free wear
  • Cures in a LED Lamp in 30 seconds
  • New ergonomically designed cap & bottle
  • Soaks off completely in 10-15 minutes
  • A three step at-home gel manicure
  • Up to three weeks of high shine wear
  • Instantly dry
  • Infused with Vitamin A and Biotin
  • Safe and gentle removal
  • Professional, long-lasting gel polish
  • Brilliant shine and vibrant colour
  • Formulated to prevent chipping and smudges
  • LED and UV curable
  • Lasts up to two weeks
  • Wander off into dreamland with the Shake Up The Magic collection
  • Cures in LED lamp in 30 seconds
  • Stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling
  • Soaks off completely in only 10 to 15 minutes
  • Top coat from Gelish
  • Part of the Soak-Off Nail Polish range
  • Seals in nail colour
  • Protects from chips, peeling and smudges
  • For a lasting gloss finish
  • Manicure top coat from ASP
  • Part of the Signature range
  • Helps protect colour polish
  • Guaranteed to keep its shine
  • Prevents colours from chipping
  • Stylish Black Curve Professional LED Curing Lamp that delivers a faster nail treatment due to its curved design and 78 bulbs, quickly cure all five nails in seconds
  • The base is removable making it ideal for pedicures and easy cleaning
  • Features pre-set time controls for 10, 30 and 60 second curing
  • The lamp bulbs have a life of over 80,000 hours, making this nail lamp an ideal investment for you or your salon
  • ,
    • UV Sculpture Gel from Salon Services
    • Single layer required
    • Self-levelling
    • Three minute cure time
    • Pack size 28g
    • A professional nail polish remover for the fast, easy removal of nail polish from natural nails
    • A high-strength 100% pure Acetone, suitable for the removal of artificial or gel nails
    • A Beauty and Nail Salon staple and an essential nail care product for achieving a professional manicure
    • Available in convenient 125ml, 500ml or 1L bottles to suit you or your beauty or nail salon's needs so you'll never run out
    • Permanent hair colour
    • Contains oils and extracts from certified organic farming
    • Vegan Certified
    • Up to 75% natural origin ingredients
    • Ammonia free
    • NEW Koleston Perfect Professional permanent colour
    • Unique technology for the ultimate salon experience - better colour, condition and ingredients
    • Even, pure colour results with natural depth and shine
    • Significantly reduces hair damage, colour after colour
    • Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift
    • High performance lightener
    • Protect hair bonds during processing
    • Up to 9 levels of lift
    • Anti-yellow agents
    • Color Sync is our unique ammonia-free tone-on-tone colour
    • Its Cera-Oil Priming Complex helps balance porosity to even out the hair’s surface
    • The even canvas leads to seamless colour, brilliant shine and great condition
    • Tint Kit from Salon Services
    • Everything you need for tinting
    • For preparing and applying hair colours
    • Includes bowl, brush and beaker
    • Sulphate free formula specifically formulated for use on super-lightened, grey or bleached hair
    • Helps remove unwanted yellow hues
    • Changes hair colour to silver/ash tones
    • Formulated with super violet pigments
    • Suitable for use on natural and synthetic hair types
    • Acidic demi-permanent with no ammonia and balanced pH for reliable even color
    • Contains wheat amino acids for mirror-like shine and Shop now. Easily remove old hair colour with our range of high-quality colour removers online at Salon Services. Apply a dab of the bleach on your skin and coat a strand of your hair. By Alondra R. Ga. 254 reviews. I do this with … It features a long narrow handle perfect for sectioning. First of all, hate is a strong word.
    • Corded for continuous power.
    • Blade can be adjusted to zero overlap for ultra close cutting.
    • Designed for edge lining and detail work.
    • Cutting length 0.4mm - contains 3 combs 1/2, 1 and 1.1/2
    • High performance cutting blade
    • Adjustable taper arm with 5 lock in settings from 0.7-3mm
    • Powerful and robust clipper
    • Includes 1 attachment comb
    • Kit includes: Mains operated clipper, 1 attachment comb (4.5mm), blade guard, oil and cleaning brush.
    • Lightweight professional cord/cordless clipper with LCD display
    • Detachable blade head in stainless steel
    • Includes adjustable comb attachments (3, 4, 5 & 6mm)
    • 3.2V Pivot motor with 5000 400 RPM
    • 90 minute charge for 90 minutes operating time
    • Salon Services Antistatic Pin Comb A84
    • In black
    • Close spaced teeth for precision
    • For finishing or sectioning
    • Tempered stainless steel straight cutting scissor
    • One micro-serrated blade and one polished edge blade for optimal cutting and slicing techniques
    • Removable finger rest and large finger holes
    • Supreme comfort
    • Salon quality, made in Europe
    • Salon Services Cutting Cape
    • Black
    • Lightweight
    • Water resistant nylon
    • Wrinkle free
    • Filarmonica Soft Hair Dressing Scissors
    • 5.5 Inches
    • Made of Stainless steel
    • Removable Finger Rest
    • Soft Edge
    • Professional cord/cordless clipper with LCD display
    • Titanium coated fixed blade combined with ceramic moveable blade
    • Enables 4 levels of precise cutting lengths with special power adjustment buttons
    • 3.0V Pivot motor with 5000 2000 RPM
    • 3 hour charge for 3 hours operating time
    • Clipper comes with 2 reversible combs with following lengths: 3-6 mm and 9-12 mm
    • No.3 Bond Perfector is designed for at-home use
    • Helps maintain hair integrity, softness and shine
    • Provides real, structural repair that works from within
    • Maintain strong, healthy looking hair between salon visits
    • No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment
    • Primes hair to absorb nourishment
    • Repairs hair from chemical, thermal, mechanical & environmental damage
    • Strengthens the bonds and protects hair structure
    • Suitable and beneficial for all hair types
    • Maria Nila Luminous Colour Shampoo
    • Keep your hair in perfect condition
    • Rebuilds and strengthens from within
    • Free from sulphates and parabens
    • Reduces the loss of colour
    • Maria Nila Structure Repair Conditioner
    • Specially formulated for dry and chemically-treated hair
    • Contains repairing algae extract
    • Protects hair and reduces the loss of colour
    • Restores internal strength.
    • Restores shine.
    • Leaving hair with increased control.
    • Provides deep conditioning
    • Lightweight and deeply conditioning.
    • The spray works to reduce dryness and enhance the caring properties of other products.
    • Softening the texture of styling treatments for smooth and nourished results.
    • Hair will be softer, stronger and easier to manage.
    • Hair will have added shine and improved frizz control.
    • Olaplex patented technology that finds and re-links broken disulphide bonds in the hair
    • Helps to increase moisture levels
    • Helps to enhance shine
    • Colour safe and helps to maintain high quality colour
    • Vegan friendly and cruelty free.
    • 10 in one treatment styling spray
    • Detangles and conditions
    • Smoothes and softens
    • Paraben free
    • Dandruff Relief & Hair Growth
    • 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
    • Sulphate & Paraben Free
    • Colour Guard Complex
    • Produced in Sweden
    • The sulphate-free, color captivating care for color treated hair.
    • The exclusive new Protein Complex treats hair from the root to the core to the tip, giving all 3 levels the custom nourishment they need.
    • Non-stripping, lightweight, gentle and conditioning cleanser.
    • Strengthens the hair fiber from root to tip with soft, flexible results.
    • Contains amino-ions to help seal in color.
    • Finishing spray
    • Provides powerful hold and memory
    • Creates a shiny finish
    • Firm-holding styling ingredients lock in your look
    • Excellent for medium to coarse hair types
    • Nail Corrector Pen
    • Refillable
    • Corrects and cleans ups nails
    • Contains OPI polish remover
    • Comes with two tips
    • Washes away everyday impurities, leaving hair fresh, clean and full of vibrant luster
    • Unique rooiboos tea botanicals help to protect colour from the elements and fading
    • Ideal for coloured hair
    • Renews the senses with invigorating tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender
    • Paraben and gluten free
    • Gel polish manicure base coat from ASP
    • Part of the Signature range
    • Promotes a long-lasting finish
    • Reduces chipping and peeling
    • Prevents staining of nails
    • Soak off gel provides: Additional strength and kapping to the natural nails due to its thicker viscosity than gel polish
    • Great for weak or damaged nails
    • You can sculpt with this product using forms
    • Super-fast removal time - 5 minutes to soak off
    • Long-lasting; does not chip, lift or wear
    • Mix colours to create bespoke shades
    • Compatible with ASP Signature Gel Polish
    • UV only cure - 2 minutes
    • Smoothes and conditions hair
    • Seals strands leaving hair soft, shiny and frizz-free
    • Leaves hair feeling silky smooth
    • Adds shine and speeds up drying time
    • Lightweight formula
    • Base coat from Gelish
    • Part of the Soak-Off Nail Polish range
    • Creates an adhesive bond betwen the nail and gel products
    • No damage to the nail plate
    • Protects the natural nail during traeatment
    • Leave-in moisturiser and conditioner
    • Smoothes hair, reduces static and prevents dryness
    • Hawaiian Awapuhi helps balance moisture
    • Improves hair texture
    • Doubles as an excellent moisturiser for skin
    • Odourless, ammonia-free permanent hair colour
    • Up to 100% grey/white coverage
    • Hair feels intensely nourished and hydrated with glossy shine
    , Good conditioner - not heavy and leaves my hair feeling soft yet manageable. Benefits: Tone-correcting pigments attach to the hair fibers & stay attached through multiple shampoos; Preserves 89% of haircolor for up to 18 washes (or 6 to 8 weeks)*
  • Innovative high quality pigments provide excellent coverage
  • Rosemary oil aids optimum coverage, shine and condition
  • Nine essential herbs preserve hairs natural beauty and health
  • Range includes 75 shades and 4 developers
  • Up to 100% grey coverage
  • Color Touch from Wella Professionals
  • Semi-permanent colour lasts up to 15 washes
  • Ammonia-free and oxidising
  • Multi-facetted colour with incredible shine
  • 5/0 Light Brown
  • The Super Taper is the UK s bestselling professional mains clipper
  • Powerful, durable and long lasting professional V5000 motor
  • Rust resistant, high precision chrome plated blades
  • Designed for the busy stylist or barber and ideal for all clipper work
  • Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing the blades
  • Lightweight professional cord/cordless clipper
  • Titanium coated fixed blade combined with ceramic moveable blade for 4 levels of precise cutting lengths
  • With special TURBO-function
  • LCD display to show the remaining operating time
  • Lightweight
  • Clipper comes with 2 reversible combs with following lengths: 3-6 mm and 9-12 mm
  • Cordless Magic Clipper with lithium Ion battery technology
  • 90 minutes cutting time from a 120 minute charge
  • New crunch blade staggered tooth technology
  • Precision ground, high carbon steel blades
  • Features taper lever and includes 8 attachment combs
  • Comb sizes: 0.5, 1.5, 1 - 4, 6 & 8
  • Sturdy, durable and dependable
  • Razor edge blades are perfect for slice cutting
  • Stainless steel
  • Ultimate scissor to start your career as well as offering the perfect back up for experienced stylists
  • One micro-serrated blade and one polished edge balde for optimal cutting and slicing techniques.
  • Removable finger rest.
  • Large finger holes.
  • Features an extra wide T-blade for super close trimming. K-PAK Reconstructor.
  • Gloss, tone, refresh, correct or blend grays in 20 minutes.
  • No lift
  • Mix of direct and oxidative dyes for a sheer result
  • Unique developer for Shades EQ
  • 2% hydrogen peroxide specifically formulated to maintain an acidic pH.
  • No Lift
  •  Suitable for applications Hairdressing Essentials & Accessories, ASP Signature Gel Polish - Frenchy Pink 14ml, Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish - Kiss Kiss 15ml, Red Carpet Manicure Fortify & Protect Gel Polish Stunt Woman 9ml, Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish Shake Up The Magic, Bare & Toasty 15ml, Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish Top It Off Sealer Gel 15ml, Red Carpet Manicure Fortify & Protect Gel Polish Film Reel Red 9ml, ASP Professional Gel Nail Polish Curve LED Lamp 18W, Lucens Permanent Hair Colour Kit 5.0 Light Brown, Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Permanent Hair Colour 66/0 Dark Blonde Intensive Pure Naturals 60ml, Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ 450g, Matrix Color Sync Tone-on-Tone Fast Toner - Anti-Yellow 90ml, Osmo Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo 1 Litre, Redken Shades EQ Demi Permanent Hair Colour 09V Platinum Ice 60ml, Redken Shades EQ Developer Processing Solution 1000ml, XP100 Intense Radiance Permanent Hair Colour - 6.0 Dark Blonde 100ml, Wella Professionals Color Touch Semi Permanent Hair Colour - 5/0 Light Brown 60ml, Matrix Color Sync Tone-on-Tone Acidic Toner - Sheer Ash 90ml, Original Best Buy E-Cut Cutting scissors 6,5'', Salon Services Antistatic Pin Comb A85 Black, Filarmonica Hairdressing Scissors Soft 5.5, Olaplex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment 155ml, Maria Nila Structure Repair Conditioner 300ml, Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus Mask 250ml, Redken One United All-In-One Treatment 150ml, Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo 250ml, Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner 250ml, Argan Secret Miracle 10 in 1 Treatment Styling Spray 180ml, Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal Conditioner 300ml, Redken Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner 250ml, Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray 500ml, Lucens Permanent Hair Colour Kit 6.0 Dark Blond, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Color Shampoo, ASP Signature Power Stay Gel Polish Base Coat 9ml, Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish - Rose-y Cheeks 15ml, Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish Foundation Base Gel 15ml, Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner 300ml, L'Oréal Professionnel INOA Permanent Hair Colour - 7.34 Golden Copper Blonde 60ml, Maria Nila Colour Refresh - Pearl Silver 0.20 300ml.

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