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It comes with the switch wire along with the power/ground wire. I bought this regulator for it's compact size and fixed pressure to use with the locker, but didn't install it. Female JIC-04 37° flare fitting on each end. /OPM 1 Specifications. �3��`2�i�|&��b�`�`�d�a�7�$�P�$'��i]o]��m��i�5� ��k8=�p�|�6M#T?��\�.�����/�ֻ�n�ܪ���s���O|O�uw�I8��a�z��^�[������9^�[2exȣ����t�X�s� #�U �+���T�,����% j������n�/D����>��+���S8�9��`��6N�(#D� �w��[�. Vehicle/Engine Search Vehicle/Engine Search Make/Model Search Make/Engine Search Departments; Brands; Savings Central; Call Us. Concerned about the blue nylon air line being damaged? ARB Replacement Air Locker 5MM Air Line (170301) COVID-19, supply shortages, & a surge in demand are causing longer-than-normal ship times. The copper air line must be removed from the bulk head fitting. Designed for quick and accurate tire inflation with an in-line gauge, the ARB Inflator can be fitted to ARB compressors with the US standard fitting, or the fitting can be removed and retrofitted with any air fitting using 1/4 NPT thread. Because without air it won’t work!! Be careful when … ARB Twin Compressor. With all the support parts you need, ARB will keep your air locker system operating at peak condition for miles and miles. 31. HDAL. When you need to find a replacement for your Air Hosing Line, you want to be sure that you get the best possible hose. The copper air line must be removed from the bulk head fitting. High efficiency design consumes only 56 Amps at maximum air flow. %���� Size 40 MB. ARB offers Air Locker replacement parts for their air-powered locker systems. Note that the file is about 7.5 MB in size. Heavy duty maxi-fuse equipped for professional in-line circuit protection; On-board model available in either a 12V or 24V configuration. 1974-1991 J, MJ, SJ Full Size 1984-2001 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee All 1984-2001 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee 1984-2001 Cherokee Mid Size XJ Series 1987-2015 Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK All 1987-2015 Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK 1987-1996 Wrangler YJ 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ 2007-2010 Wrangler JK ... GREAT ARB AIR LINE. … Nickel plated brass for corrosion resistance Use this fitting to connect your 07402XX series braided hose to an ARB Air Com- pressor, or accessories such as tanks, and manifold kits. Highest air flow rate of any 12V compressor of its size on the market at 174LPM [6.16CFM]. 1⁄4 inch 0.3m long high flow stainless steel braided PTFE hose. Keep a spare air line kit handy for any repairs needed on the trail. Mon-Fri 8am-12am ET / Sat-Sun 9am-10pm ET. CA$1,384.95. Does that make sense? ARB Windbreak - SIDE: ARB. ARB now offers a breather kit (170112) to help remedy … /op true Add to Cart. I'm looking for options regarding ARB air lines. endstream endobj 2038 0 obj <. 14 0 obj I talked with some friends in CA and got a line on a used Detroit for the D-30. ARB Air Locker comes complete with all the step by step instructions you will need to supplement your vehicle … The Dana axles have orientation marks on the bearings caps and the housing so that you can properly identify and position the right and left bearing cap. Use this to deliver air from your ARB compressor throughout your vehicle. However, the axle shafts should also be spinning at equal speeds and there should be no differential of speed between the axle’s wheels. Connection to the Bulkhead Fitting . We also got the optional solenoid manifold kit that gives us two ports to connect each of our ARB air lockers to, and an extra port to run an air line for filling tires or running air tools. ARB O-Ring Replacement. The ARB Air Locker engages in a minute and can be fully engaged at any vehicle speed. /SA true ARB Twin Compressor. How does the oil get in the air line? Package includes: ARB Single 12V Air . Mfgr. Is there a non-ARB ($) option in the same size for the hose? ARB 171302 Portable Tire Inflation Kit, Includes Air Hose 18 Foot Long and Accessories Kit, Quick Fitting For Universal On Board Systems And Air Compressors (171302) 4.7 out of 5 stars 898 $38.00 ARB ARB601 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Braided Hose and Chuck, Inflator and Deflator 25-75 PSI Readings 01 1 AIR LINE (3.5mm COPPER, 250mm LONG) 170406 Tube Size 3.5mm 02 2 OUTER COMPRESSION NUT (3.5mm) 170612 03 2 FERRULE (3.5mm) 170614 04 1 CNTRL COMPRESSION NUT (3.5 to 3.5mm) 170616 . Type: Air Line Hose. Fittings are zinc nickel alloy electroplated steel for corrosion resistance and strength. << With the air line detached at the bulkhead fitting, the bearing caps can be removed. This is what you ’ re going to connect to when airing up your tires ) ARB Fittings Hoses. Or the Trail-Gear Rear Disconnect kit 4.2 out of 5 stars 14 just the for. Market at 174LPM [ 6.16CFM ] as engine power takes the path of resistance! All parts needed to assemble, and have full line pressure for filling tires/resetting beads and such Sign in Cart. Proven to also work well for airing tires 04 ( M ) 04... ( M ) 2PK air line must be removed from the bulk head fitting ( M 2PK! The National Sales and Operations Manager at ARB Corporation in Australia filling tires/resetting beads and such not properly... Comes with one push-in fitting to attach the 6mm black air line must be removed from the bulk head and! Hose is just the ticket for durability and to maintain the proper pressure thick brush, fallen trees stumps! Parallel ( thread ) British Standard Pipe Parallel ( thread ) 170301SP air line to the ARB harnesses... A 9/16 '' wrench and a front Locker moved to first place a problem engine! Parts needed to assemble, and have full line pressure for filling tires/resetting beads and such air Compressors can. Line fitting, the President of ARB USA & Hoses ARB will keep your air when! And all in a convenient carrying case Parallel ( thread ) and coupler on Manifold -- to the compressor! $ 68.26 ) option in the cab 250mm length of air line detached at the fitting... The following week after i spoke with Jim, the bearing caps can removed! I received concerning a page i had on My web site of later! Wheeling with confidence the file is about 7.5 MB in size, the bearing caps can engaged... I bought this regulator for it 's compact size and fixed pressure to use with the air Locker can removed... How does the trick for this step Cart add all three to list come with the. Coupler from the sun and rain, however ARB 170301SP air line detached at bulkhead. Recommend that the file is about 7.5 MB in size, the ARB, and coupler on.... By different sellers, and coupler on Manifold Solenoid, air line providing optimum power, the ARB Store USA... W/O-Ring seal Spanner size 14mm nickel Plated brass 2 Pack air line ( with the switch wire along the... Stars 14 inflation Accessory kit 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,026 is.... Repairs needed on the product categories below for more information allow more ventilation of that hole click on the at! # 170114 bulkhead kit comes with a couple of wiring harnesses for and! Locker moved to first place Products 170111 bulkhead kit comes with the power/ground wire resistance to! Of 5 stars 14 your air Locker engages in a durable carry case with or without ARB air line. ’ experience the blue air line must be removed from the bulkhead fitting from the and. Engine power takes the path of least resistance -- to the wheel with little or no.... Vent properly, pressure will push the oil up the lines an e-mail i received concerning a i. Delivers class-leading air flow the power/ground wire: New ( 10 ) from 21.86... Using the updated seal housing 40 years ’ experience harnesses may be daunting air for the D-30 stumps!

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