the diagonals of rectangle qrst intersect at p

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9. Opposite sides are congruent. 414-3 Rhombus and Square On 1 — 2, refer to rhombus ABCD where diagonals AC and BD intersect at E. Given rho bus ABCD where diagonals AC and BD intersects at E. 16. - 20727913 14. The Quadrilateral is shown below with its diagonals and .We call the point of intersection : The diagonals of a quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent congruent sides - a kite - are perpendicular; also, bisects the and angles of the kite. 11. (Rhombi,squares and rectangles.) Your IP: Explanation: . 31. In Exercises 43-48, the diagonals of rectangle QRST intersect at P. Given that mZPTS = 34° and QS = 10, find the indicated measure. A rectangle is a parallelogram. Which of the following statements must be true? The diagonals of kite KITE intersect at point P. If m

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