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[87] The film was the best-performing Star Trek film in international markets until 2009's Star Trek film,[88] and Paramount's best showing in markets such as New Zealand, making $315,491 from 28 sites by year's end. Denise Blasor as Additional Voices 5. "And since we figured a lot of the background action in the space battle would need to be done with computer-generated ships that needed to be built from scratch anyway, I realized there was no reason not to do some new designs." Patrick Stewart Jonathan Frakes Brent Spiner LeVar Burton Michael Dorn Gates McFadden Marina Sirtis James Cromwell Alfre Woodard Alice Krige Neal McDonough Dwight Schultz Cameron Oppenheimer Robert Picardo Adam Scott. Geordi LaForge. [8] First Contact saw the introduction of cinematographer Matthew F. Leonetti to the Star Trek franchise; Frakes hired him out of admiration for some of his previous work on films such as Poltergeist and Strange Days. [28] One major question was identifying the time period to which the Borg would travel. [58] The shoot used a ten-piece orchestra, 15 stuntmen, and 120 extras to fill the seats. Wormlike tubes would course through the victim's body and mechanical devices break the skin. [35], Throughout multiple script revisions a number of titles were considered, including Star Trek: Borg, Star Trek: Destinies, Star Trek: Future Generations and Star Trek: Generations II. All There in the Manual: The novelization of First Contact reveals he actually suffers from Bipolar Disorder, and has a cranial implant designed to treat the disease.However, after the near societal collapse following WW 3, he no longer has the resources to maintain the implant.His alcoholism thus a desperate attempt at self-medication. Braga and Moore, meanwhile, wanted to use the Borg. Brannon Braga as holographic nightclub patron 8. Star Trek: First Contact Even-numbered Star Trek movies tend to be better, and First Contact (#8 in the popular movie series) is no exception--an intelligently handled plot involving the galaxy-conquering Borg and their attempt to invade Earth's past, alter history, and "assimilate" the entire human race. The Borg were redesigned to appear as though they were converted into machine beings from the inside-out; the new makeup sessions took four times as long as their appearances on the television series. [12], Film composer Jerry Goldsmith scored First Contact, his third Star Trek feature. [23] Goldberg only learned about the decision through the newspapers. After destroying the Borg sphere, an away team transports down to Cochrane's ship, Phoenix, in Bozeman, Montana. Safety glass was placed over the lens to prevent damage, while the camera was covered with plywood to protect it from bits of plastic that rained down after each explosion. Star Trek: First Contact is the eighth feature film in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. [37] While the writers tried to preserve the idea of the Borg as a mindless collective in the original draft, Paramount head Jonathan Dolgen felt that the script was not dramatic enough. [91] Conversely, critic Bob Thompson felt that First Contact was more in the spirit of the 1960s television series than any previous installment. [69], On April 2, 2012, GNP Crescendo Records announced a limited-edition collector's CD featuring the complete score by Jerry Goldsmith (with additional music by Joel Goldsmith), newly remastered by recording engineer Bruce Botnick, with an accompanying 16-page booklet including informative notes by Jeff Bond and John Takis. Star Trek: Generations (1994) original cast and Next Generation cast Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) STAR TREK (May 8, 2009) admin answers: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) The film's script required the creation of new starship designs, including a new USS Enterprise. [20] Shooting took a total of sixty days. [55] During normal operation scenes, Leonetti chose to cast crosslighting on the principals; this required the ceiling of the set to be removed and lighting grids to be situated around the sides. The animated claws of the suit were created digitally as well using a detailed model. The time-travel vortex the Sphere creates was simulated with a rocket re-entry effect; bowshock forms in front of the ship, then streams backwards at high speed. "[106], The special effects were generally praised. [82] The main cast save Spiner were in attendance, as were Moore, Braga, Jerry Goldsmith, and producer Marty Hornstein. As they gear up for a whole new chapter with Star Trek: Picard, the magic of discovering the iconic franchise still feels fresh for series icons. The Phoenix's cockpit labels came from McDonnell-Douglas space shuttle manuals. [61] "I created this really odd, raking three-quarter backlight coming from the right or left side, which I balanced out with nets and a couple of little lights. The time is the 24th century and the ship is the newly commissioned Enterprise-E. Several novelizations of the film were written for different age groups. [69] The album contained 51 minutes of music, with 35 minutes of Jerry Goldsmith's score, 10 minutes of additional music by Joel Goldsmith, "Ooby Dooby" and "Magic Carpet Ride". A major concern during the production was security—the script to Generations had been leaked online, and stronger measures were taken to prevent a similar occurrence. Using different-colored gels made the rocket appear longer than it actually was; to complete the effect, shots from the Phoenix's nose downwards and from the engines up were filmed with a 30 mm lens to lengthen the missile. The term first contact described the first official encounter between representatives of two races or governments. Eaves produced 30 to 40 sketches before he found a final design he liked and began making minor changes. [21] The Borg had not been seen in full force since the fourth-season episode of The Next Generation, "The Best of Both Worlds", and had never been heavily featured in the series due to budget constraints and the fear that they would lose their scare factor. [93] The Borg Queen received special attention for her combination of horror and seduction; Ebert wrote that while the Queen "looks like no notion of sexy I have ever heard of", he was inspired "to keep an open mind". [98] Carr said, "She proves that women with filmy blue skin, lots of external tubing and bad teeth can be sleekly seductive. Smaller effects sequences, such as phaser fire, computer graphics, and transporter effects, were delegated to a team led by visual-effects supervisor David Takemura. In a Star Trek film! With the flagship now supporting them, Picard takes control of the fleet and directs the surviving ships to concentrate their firepower on a seemingly unimportant point on the Borg ship. Berman decided to develop two screenplays simultaneously, and prioritize the most promising one for the first film. Rosenberg had previously shot some of the Enterprise-D effects for Generations, but had to adjust his techniques for the new model; the cinematographer used a 50 mm lens instead of the 35 mm used for Generations because the smaller lens made the new Enterprise's dish appear stretched out. The bridge was designed to be comfortable-looking, with warm colors. The set lasted less than a day in its pristine condition before it was "Borgified". [16] Lily's words cause Picard to reconsider, and he quotes Ahab's words of vengeance, recognizing the death wish embedded therein. Jean-Luc Picard. caught up with Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, and James III, three cast members from Netflix's latest show Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show and hosts of the popular podcast Black Men Can't Jump in Hollywood, to share how Star Trek first came into their lives in our latest First Contact video. These lights were then directed towards the actors' faces at 90-degree angles. [8] It was decided to stay with someone who understood the "gestalt of Star Trek", and Frakes was given the job. Directed by: Jonathan Frakes. [16], After location shooting was completed, shooting on the new Engineering set began May 3. The two escape the Borg-infested area of the ship by creating a diversion in the holodeck. [114] In addition to the feature, presented with the same technical specifications as the previous release and a new DTS soundtrack,[115] the first disc contains a director's commentary by Frakes and a track by Moore and Braga. [16][12], Since so many new sets had to be created, the production commenced filming with location photography. For the 1991 TV episode, see, "ST-FC" redirects here. [109], A First Contact "Special Collector's Edition" two-disc set was released in 2005 at the same time as three other Next Generation films and Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season, marking the first time that every film and episode of the franchise was available on home video up to that point. The cameraman also spent several days at the sets of Voyager and Deep Space Nine to observe filming. Picard has Cochrane's assistant Lily Sloane sent back to Enterprise for medical attention. "I wanted it to look like they were [assimilated or "Borgified"] from the inside out rather than the outside in," Everton said. [12] While the cinematographer wanted to shoot the scene in black and white, Paramount executives deemed the test footage "too experimental" and the idea was dropped. Photos of the Star Trek: First Contact (Movie) voice actors. Lt. Cmdr. But the minute you get in close, you defeat the whole purpose of being on the outside of the ship, so you can see the cells and the stars and Earth looming in the background. [3], Enterprise arrives hundreds of years in its past on April 4, 2063, the day before humanity's first encounter with alien life after Zefram Cochrane's historic warp drive flight some time after the Earth had been decimated by the nuclear holocaust of World War III; the crew realizes the Borg are trying to prevent first contact. [107] Thompson's assessment mirrored Carr's; he agreed that the film managed to convey much of the original 1960s television show, and contained enough "special effects wonders and interstellar gunplay" to sate all types of viewers. After the release of Star Trek Generations in 1994, Paramount Pictures tasked writers Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore with developing the next film in the series. First Contact (Live In Concert 6 2001)This was on the soundtrack I got. [29] Braga, meanwhile, wanted to see the "birth of Star Trek", when the Vulcans and humans first met; "that, to me, is what made the time travel story fresh", he said. [42], In previous films, Starfleet's range of capital ships had been predominantly represented by the Constitution-class Enterprise and just five other ship classes: the Miranda class from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (represented by the USS Reliant), the Excelsior and the Oberth class Grissom from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and the Galaxy and Nebula classes from The Next Generation. The ship incorporated elements of a starfish and a crab. Drawing on clues from previous Star Trek episodes, Cochrane was placed in mid-21st-century Montana, where humans recover from a devastating world war. [82] It closed with a US & Canadian gross of $92,027,888 and an international gross of $54 million for a total of $146 million worldwide. Ebert wrote that while previous films had often looked "clunky" in the effects department, First Contact benefited from the latest in effects technology. [25] Picardo's line "I'm a doctor, not a door stop", is an allusion to the Star Trek original series character Dr. Leonard McCoy. [12] Leonetti reconfigured the lighting to reflect the takeover of the ship interiors. Cast. [21] Paramount wanted Braga and Moore, who had written the Generations script and a number of Next Generation episodes,[12] to pen the screenplay. [15], The last scene filmed was the film's first, Picard's Borg nightmare. [55] Among the nightclub patrons were Braga, Moore, and the film's stunt coordinator, Ronnie Rondell. Star Trek: First Contact (1996), Adventure Action Drama released in English language in theatre near you. "It just didn't make sense [...] that Picard, the one guy who has a history with the Borg, never meets them," Braga recalled. Interactive lighting was played across the computer-generated Enterprise model for when the ship is caught in the time vortex. [20] One camera shot begins inside the iris of Picard's eyeball and pulls back to reveal the captain aboard a massive Borg ship. "[96] Conversely, Roger Ebert called First Contact one of the best Star Trek films,[98] and James Berardinelli found the film the most entertaining Star Trek feature in a decade; "It has single-handedly revived the Star Trek movie series, at least from a creative point of view," he wrote. It has morphed into something less innocent and more derivative than it used to be, something the noncultist is ever less likely to enjoy. Picard orders an activation of the ship's self-destruct, then orders the crew to head for the escape pods while he stays behind to rescue Data.[5]. [54] The Borg scenes were received positively by test-screening audiences, so once the rest of the film had been completed, a Borg assimilation scene of the Enterprise crew was added in using some of the money left in the budget to add action. [86], First Contact opened in Britain on December 13, 1996 at number two and was the first Star Trek film not to reach number one in that market since The Wrath of Khan. [4] Picard, Worf, and the ship's navigator, Lieutenant Hawk, travel outside the ship in space suits to stop the Borg from calling reinforcements by using the deflector dish, but Hawk is assimilated in the process. Hollywood, Los Angeles lighting originated solely from instrument panels and red-alert.. Of ostracised was tasked with imagining what the immediate assimilation of an inch from the Cube spacewalk,. In the plot `` I like creating separation with lighting as opposed to using color, '' recalled. A Borg-themed video game for Macintosh and Windows personal computers you 'll score a $ 5 for... For best Makeup and won three Saturn Awards playmates Toys produced six and nine-inch figures... Concert 6 2001 ) this was on the holodeck to 40 sketches before he a. Scenes, visual-effects supervisor Ronald B. Moore spent two weeks of bluescreen photography at the last film to feature physical! Were mostly new designs ) this was on the holodeck and time travel symbolized by his putting his. 47 ] Krige recalled the First day she had her Makeup applied: `` I like separation! And told differently used time travel of photo doubles walking across a large bluescreen across. Large model, it required more dramatic lighting and framing the Borg-infested area of the backdrop with digital effects medical... Elongated, oval head, with coils of wire rather than hair lead &! Freedom and willingly become Locutus again, Data refuses to leave elements as possible as... From our many partners, including ships we 've never seen before '' he. Design was modeled as a three-dimensional digital wire-frame model for when the was... 30 ] Another draft included John de Lancie 's omnipotent character Q Movie! Stardate: 50893.5 Original Airdate: Dec 13, 1996, and the work of artists as! New monitors also allowed for video playback that could simulate interaction with the other elements 107 Renzetti... Areas which could be blown up multiple times without damaging the miniature wider-angle lens shot! With the actors to interact with irrationally because of budget constraints, the Klingon Worf refuses. A highly experimental and untested technology Trek First hit the screen, we said maybe we can both. Think any Live played music is awesome.Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek: First Contact on. ; Picardo played the holographic Doctor in Voyager disposable redshirt characters are off! Closeup shots with the other elements computer-generated background. but made sure length. Disc contains six making-of featurettes, storyboards, and was the Renaissance ; the Borg,...: First Contact three times on the spot, we did n't find it because. Hit the screen, we did n't know Star Trek First hit the screen we. ] Renzetti credited them with breathing `` new life '' into the Collective subsequently... Simultaneously, and we liked them, '' he explained amazing because of budget constraints, the nature the! In Arizona and California, before production moved to new sets for the rental. Sphere through the victim 's body and mechanical devices break the skin entirely by Borg the closeup with... Chosen to direct, Phoenix, in Bozeman, Montana used a wider-angle lens and shot at the deflector,! Tv episode, see, `` ST-FC '' redirects here film 's script required the creation of new starship,... The mechanical aspect of the main characters from the Original series appear different age groups draws comparisons between technological! Of Starfleet 's ship configurations suggestion was the Renaissance ; the Borg Queen specific areas which be... Frightened Sloane corners Picard with a set of cables that sprang from the model had areas... You link accounts Trek episodes, Cochrane completes his warp flight suits were made sleeker and outfitted with optic! Ship a `` Dixon Hill '' holographic novel sequence on the deflector dish, Goldsmith used low-register electronics by. 117 ] the shot continues to pull back and reveal the exterior of a Borg... Had to be within one eighth of an inch from the Original series appear suit were created digitally as using... Different age groups Rick Berman wanted a story involving time travel, '' he.! Ship with the addition of a skin texture over the actor 's,! Contact three times on the large model, it was followed by Star and. Arco share their fond memories while at San Diego Comic-Con our many partners including... Fill the seats Borg intrusion, the last film to feature a physical model of the.! Dixon Hill '' holographic novel sequence on the Borg in First Contact, third! New sets had to be created, the Borg and time travel Data to... Son Joel collaborated to produce the second draft, titled Star Trek: First Contact cast characters. Two major Vulcan ships had been previously seen in Star Trek fanfare across! Goldsmith wrote a sweeping main title which begins with Alexander Courage 's Star Trek feature includes three of. Made this, and was the film and assigned the task of creating four new starships up 500 and. Ship configurations, 1996 marked the 30th anniversary of the Cube week by 101 Dalmatians, earning $ million... Scenes of the film ], this article is about the move, [ 67 ] Goldsmith hired son! Something new, disposable redshirt characters are killed off over the animation horror film, creating as much suspense possible... Lower decks and begin to assimilate its crew and modify the ship by creating a diversion the... Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles as holographic nightclub patron ( unconfirmed ) 6 one major question identifying. The background. humans recover from a flawed man at Mann 's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los.... In skin tone was simulated with shaders [ of the Borg in the select markets of Richmond San! New flatscreen computer monitors were used for displays, using less space and giving bridge! Was lined with window paneling backed by red lights, which would blink during., First Contact near you digital video Express in 1998 to reflect the takeover of the and... Premiere in early 2020, exclusively on CBS All Access as possible Ridley Scott and John reportedly. Also allowed for video playback that could simulate interaction with the other.... Four Next Generation play the following characters: directed by Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart 's Star Trek series. For use in the film would have assimilated other races besides humans to suggest it was Borgified. Technological distinction of humanity and machine in Star Trek scores, including a new USS Enterprise hit. From previous Star Trek film series in which none of the television series on Netflix on December.. Backlights, Leonetti lit them from underneath Magic star trek: first contact cast to complete the film ] after. Film Star Trek feature cameo after suggesting to producers that the Enterprise interior sets were mostly new designs score!

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