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After Vader force choked her, Palpatine assumed that Vader had killed her. later gray[1] Cartón y burbuja en buenas condiciones, NO … In canon, Dodonna was killed between the Battles of Yavin and Hoth. 1.82 meters[4] An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Geonosian Warrior (2-15) $ 300.00. Liberated in 9 ABY, he resumed service with the New Republic until his death in 24 ABY. Il est né à 65 BBY. Not wishing to risk any more lives than were already lost in the devastating attack, General Dodonna ordered the Republic to stay hidden and wait to regroup with any survivors. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. [14], Dodonna's strategic acumen was sorely missed by New Republic leaders during the Yuuzhan Vong War, though many of them were relieved that he had died knowing a galaxy at peace. Dodonna is captured by Darth Vader following the Battle of Yavin. Star Wars Saga Battle of Yavin General Jan Dodonna Action Figure Hasbro 2004. [8], Dodonna's grasp of strategy was particularly keen, and along with his old friend and fellow Republic officer Adar Tallon, Dodonna revolutionized the tactics of space combat. When the Rebels attempted to flee, it was discovered that the Shu-Torun technologies installed in the Mon Calamari cruisers rendered nearly all systems inoperable, including the hangar bays and hyperdrive generators. Legends evrenin hiçbir yerde bulamayacağınız The meeting was then interrupted by Chewbacca, and Dodonna noted that he seemed to be willing to do so alongside the protocol droid C-3PO. Derek (Hobbie) Klivian 7. General Jan Dodonna. Jan Dodonna is one of the famous star wars characters which appear in the game. Jan Dodonna User # 260644; Arena Rank 941; Level 85; Ally Code 438-649-148 . [3], Along with a handful of small transports escorted by Rogue Squadron, the Republic returned to Mako-Ta station and engaged the Executor. Male[5] Recibes lo que ves en las imágenes. Human[1] 1.82[1]–1.83 meters[2] Marca: Hasbro Colección: Saga Collection Empaque: Individual Tamaño: 3 3/4 inch Extra info: New Hope Año: 2004 Raza: Humano Número de Figura: 04 #12 Armas y accesorios: 5 El general Dodonna era el estratega y el que realizaba las tácticas en la base rebelde de Massassi situado en Yavin. Community. After the plans made their way to the headquarters and the weakness installed in the battle station by Galen Erso was found,[17] Dodonna designed an attack strategy that would set a group of starfighters into battle against the Death Star with the mission to fire proton torpedoes into the station's exhaust port and destroy it. The A-wing is a blisteringly fast, small craft that is ideal for close combat. Boba Fett. Star Wars Legends - All Media Types (7) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types (4) Star Wars Sequel Trilogy (4) Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (2) Star Trek: The Original Series (1) Include Characters Jan Dodonna (74) Leia Organa (48) Luke Skywalker (45) Han Solo (37) Mon Mothma (34) Wedge Antilles (27) Chewbacca (Star Wars) (24) Recibes lo que ves en las imágenes. Although it only carries one projectile weapon and one missile launcher, its incredible turning ability is rarely matched in space. Jan Dodonna, alors dans la fleur de l'âge, ne voulait pas que les croiseurs Rendili tombent aux mains des Séparatistes et déclara alors que les négociations étaient finies. KOTOR. [6] Dodonna fought furiously,[3] engaging Ningo's warships long enough to allow Screed to emerge from hyperspace and destroy Ningo's battlecruiser Unrepentant. [8] The Y-wings eventually made their way to the group's starfighter auxiliary, Gold Squadron,[11][12] led by Captain Jon "Dutch" Vander. It does what most Star Wars novel in the "Legends" storyline fails to do, and actually gives Luke some charm and personality. Continuité : Legends [19], Several days later, the Rebel fleet received an distress call from R2-D2, Skywalker's astromech droid. [13], Gold Squadron was later assigned to escort the fugitive Senator Mon Mothma, branded a traitor by the Empire and forced to flee from Chandrila, to a rendezvous at Dantooine. Jan Dodonna - Personnages - Encyclopédie - Star Wars Universe. EA Forums Jan Dodonna [12], Dodonna and Tallon's victories were celebrated in the Core Worlds, but Dodonna's loyalty to the Empire gradually became tested as it resorted to ever-more brutal acts of reprisal against purported sedition. Galactic Republic[6]Republic Military[6]Galactic Empire[7]Imperial Navy's officer corps[7]Alliance to Restore the Republic[5]Massassi Group[8]Sector Command[9] The Rebels, Ledok, Jaden, and what few soldiers have survived the initial onslaught, have sealed themselves in the city’s hangar building, where they are desperately trying to restore long-range communications so as to call for help. [4] By this point, Dodonna had been elevated to Alliance High Command, and was present at the headquarters as Operation Fracture confirmed the existence of an Imperial mobile battle station superweapon capable of destroying entire planets, known as the Death Star. Il assista ainsi au débriefing du Capitaine Cassian Andor au retour de sa mission sur Jedha puis Eadu, lors de laquelle il avait découvert que l'Empire disposait d'une arme redoutable : l'Etoile de la Mort. Action figure 3.75" There are no more items in your cart; Shipping Star Wars 9: Showdown on a Wasteland World! Dodonna decided that Darth Vader represented a significant threat and target of opportunity, and dispatched a battalion to reinforce the Rebels on planet in their effort to kill the Sith Lord.[22]. In 1995 the relationship between 20th Century Fox, Hasbro and Lucasfilm had continued to evolve. [16], Dodonna during Rogue One's mission to steal the Death Star plans, By 0 BBY, the general commanded the Great Temple, which was the main rebel headquarters, considered its most important base and "hidden fortress" from the Empire. [9] He also had responsibility for the Alliance's ground headquarters, and kept the ground HQ in motion so as to avoid Imperial detection; planets that held the base under his command included Chrellis, Brigia, Orion IV, Dantooine, and Yavin 4. Biography. [14][19] He began work on the Battle Analysis Computer, which became so identified with him that it was often called "Dodonna's Battle Analysis Computer"; it would go uncompleted until just after the Battle of Endor, seeing its first use at the Invasion of Bakura. Jan Dodonna is a Character in the Star Wars universe. This mission looks easy, but looks can be deceiving. Continuité : Legends Jan Dodonna – General and Commander of the Alliance's Base One on Yavin 4. Dodonna suggested a course of action to General Sewell, but in the heat of the moment, Sewell froze, and Dodonna took the controls of the vessel, executing his tactic and destroying the opposing vessel. Jan Dodonna is one of the famous star wars characters which appear in the game. [10], As the Republic became the Galactic Empire, Dodonna served loyally for a time, even advising Autem to keep quiet about his feelings on the alleged "Jedi Rebellion. He demonstrated this with Y-wing raids that destroyed Star Destroyer fleets at Denab and Tarawa. Light[5] San Hill 10. Dodonna immediately began screening new planets that would be suitable to establish a new base of operations, quickly dismissing Insk and Daxan Beta as candidates. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. However, the doors opened, allowing the ship's contingent of X-wing fighters to be deployed. [6] After the Republic's transition into the Galactic Empire, Dodonna continued his service into the Imperial Navy, where, for outstanding service, he became one of the first captains of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Jan Dodonna was a Commenor-born soldier who served both Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. Eventually, Rogue Squadron found the surviving Lusankya prisoners, and Dodonna was finally freed. Terrinald Screed and Jan Dodonna receive the Holt Cross on Anaxes. Jan Dodonna's only film appearance was in A New Hope, where he was played by Alex McCrindle. The General dispatched Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles in X-wing starfighters to retrieve the wayward princess; however, the shuttle jumped to hyperspace before Skywalker and Antilles could stop them. [4] Alongside his fellow captain Terrinald Screed, Dodonna commanded the two task forces that comprised the Victory Fleet. Species [Source]. Jan Dodonna hatte als treuer Anhänger der Rebellen-Allianz und Berater der Neuen Republik, trotz seines fortgeschrittenen Alters, bedeutenden Einfluss auf die moderne Kriegsführung. Following the Battle of Yavin, Dodonna along his fellow Rebels evacuated from Yavin 4 in search of a new base of operations. However, after talking with Luke Skywalker, Dodonna opted to return and help and the ones stranded there and ultimately sacrificed his own life to ensure the Alliance's survival and allow his fellow rebels to live to fight another day. During the meeting, the Alliance leadership approved of a plan by the Spectres to travel aboard the Ghost to Jalindi and plant a spike on the relay for intelligence gathering. [14], Dodonna's multiple commands came about owing to the need for a respected military commander who could broker the three-way tensions between Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and Bail Organa. Star Wars (Loose) - Kenner/Hasbro - Jan Dodonna (Battle Of Yavin) 14,99 € En stock. Deliver Datapad to Rebel Pilot [6], The rebellion in the early years of the Empire was made up of a loose collection of rebel cells secretly coordinated by Imperial Senator Bail Organa. When it was, Vader brought it to finish the Rebels, but was stopped by a suicide strike delivered by Vrad. Il assista ainsi au débriefing du Capitaine Cassian Andor au retour de sa mission sur Jedha puis Eadu, lors de laquelle il avait découvert que l'Empire disposait d'une arme redoutable : l'Etoile de la Mort. ... (Legends) should be displayed in this section. Er war ein vorzüglicher Taktiker, der auch in angespannten Situationen einen kühlen Kopf bewahrte, und griff auch auf unkonventionelle Strategien zurück. [15], Dodonna joined the Rebellion and, after Sewell provided a glowing report of Dodonna's quick thinking, was immediately commissioned to General by Mon Mothma and placed under Sewell's command. [18], Following the evacuation of Yavin 4, Dodonna joined the Alliance Fleet and helped the rest of the Alliance's leaders oversee the war effort. Under Dodonna's expert guidance, the Empire eventually defeated the Separatists there. [22], He was eventually sent to Lusankya. Sustaining heavy losses, Dodonna and the rest of the fleet were forced to withdraw back to Chopper Base, under the protection of a deflector shield. Dodonna and his future fellow defector Admiral Adar Tallon were given command of the force to suppress it. Dodonna war sich seiner Verantwortung als Offizier bewusst, und setzte die Leben seiner Untergebenen nicht leichtfertig aufs Spiel. Dodonna also appears in Rogue One, the Rebels animated series, and in several issues of Marvel's comic series Star Wars. 2. Wat Tambor 11. Ally Code 482-748-136 . Star Wars Helmet Collection 20 (Weapons & Uniforms: Leaders of the Rebel Alliance), Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, From a Certain Point of View, Star Wars 23, Star Wars 45, Star Wars Book XI: Hope Dies, Star Wars 67, A Naturalist on Hoth, Alphabet Squadron, Star Wars: On the Front Lines, Star Wars: The Rebel Files–class. As he traversed the Azure Walk, Dodonna physically supported his fellow honoree Screed, who had suffered nearly-mortal injuries in the battle at Anaxes. Joined Mar 22, 2018 Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Human[4] Jan Dodonna GAT User # 239553; Arena Rank 146; Level 85; Guild BRG Exile. [1] Dodonna held the rank of captain by the time of the Clone Wars[6] and first rose to prominence during the conflict,[3] becoming one of the finest Star Destroyer captains in the Republic Navy. Thrawn, along with Admiral Kassius Konstantine and his Interdictor vessels, initially laid waste to both Dodonna's and Sato's forces, and the latter was forced to sacrifice himself in an attempt to enable Ezra Bridger and Chopper to escape on the Nightbrother and seek help. Draay family (Coruscant) Barrison Draay + Krynda Hulis. Jan Dodonna Hasbro. [5] Prior to his career as General in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Dodonna served in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. Hasbro still held an interest in keeping the licence, but were unsure of which direction to take. Commenor[1] His solid tactics led to a victory when the Rebels destroyed the Death Star. Jan Dodonna 3. Mas Amedda 6. Commanding the Massassi Group, one of the largest cells in Senator Bail Organa's resistance movement, elements of his cell were instrumental in the formal formation and declaration of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Furthermore, he regarded the fledgling Rebel Alliance as a foolish provocation that would only cause chaos and misery. Jan Dodonna - Personnages - Encyclopédie - Star Wars Universe. La Cueva del Guampa. [3], Jan Dodonna was played by Alex McCrindle in the 1977 Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the first installment of the Star Wars original trilogy. Prequel Trilogy Reboo. Later, General Dodonna along with Senator Bail Organa and several rebel personnel listened to a live HoloNet broadcast by the former Senator denouncing the Empire and urging the galaxy to rise up in rebellion, which eventually led to the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. [7] However, as time went on, Dodonna would become disillusioned with the Empire, and, soon after, he defected to the growing rebellion. [9] The data showed that the defenses of the Death Star were built around large-scale attacks, allowing a small starfighter to attack the vulnerable exhaust port. [21], Alliance High Command soon received word that the Rebel garrison on Vrogas Vas had engaged Darth Vader and shot his starfighter down after taking heavy casualties. [17], During his time in the Alliance High Command on Dantooine, Dodonna performed different field missions with tactics prodigy Risiev Credal, who was his protégée alongside Colonel Beryl Chiffonage. Mais Maître Koon lui ordonna de ne pas faire feu car il y avait d'autres moyens de vaincre. Dodonna is mentioned in Star Wars: Empire at War during the Rebel campaign and was intended to be a playable character, but was cut. ... (Legends) should be displayed in this section. Es de la serie SAGA de STAR WARS, EPISODIO IV, UNA NUEVA ESPERANZA: "JAN DODONNA (BATTLE OF YAVIN)" #12, escala 3 3/4" DEL AÑO 2004. Dodonna designed the starfighter attack that was successful in destroying the battle station. Gender Jan Dodonna was a legendary male human military officer from Commenor who served with the navy of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, within the navy of the Galactic Empire, and later, as a general in the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. ... Jan Dodonna. White[5] Highlights of the Saga: Alderaan Survives! The Empire arrived with three Imperial-class Star Destroyers and one Super Star Destroyer, the Executor, led by Vader himself. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Zuckuss Legends: 1. Dodonna commanded one of the largest rebel cells in the entire rebellion, based on Yavin 4, the fourth moon of Yavin, in the Gordian Reach. Cartón y burbuja en … Darth Plagueis. This led to the Battle of Yavin, which Dodonna and other Rebel leaders monitored from Yavin 4. Skin color [16], After the untimely death of General Sewell, Dodonna was placed in command of the Logistics and Supply Corps and the Alliance Starfighter Corps by Mon Mothma,[13][14] becoming the most important military commander and advisor in the Alliance, second only to Mon Mothma herself. [6], General Dodonna and Senator Organa listen to Mon Mothma's speech, By 2 BBY,[source?] Gregar Typho 9. He first appeared in the 1977 feature film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which was known as just Star Wars at the time. Hera Syndulla – General and pilot of the Ghost. I, Jedi: Star Wars (Star Wars - Legends) - Kindle edition by Stackpole, Michael A.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Ackbar proposed that they rescue the Rebel hero, but Mon Mothma noted that they could not make a move against the powerful Hutt Cartels, and that no one would be brave enough to volunteer for a covert rescue mission. Jan Dodonna is a Character in the Star Wars universe. [7] Dodonna and Screed both returned to Coruscant as heroes,[6] and Dodonna was awarded the Holt Cross on Anaxes three weeks after the battle he had fought there. General of the force Awakens the Last Jedi the clone of Palpatine and recurring. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat is rarely matched in space the... Following Queen Trios ' betrayal, which had devastating consequences for the Defender. First, having lost much of his fighting spirit after years of retirement, and place it.! ; Arena Rank 941 ; Level 85 ; Guild BRG Exile up to scratch he also convinced his old,. Gray Cadre '', they advised the New Republic until his Death in ABY. Search of a Jedi Knight ; former Commander of the New Jedi in! Months exercising and acquainting himself with the latest in technology and politics at first, lost. Character and high-ranking member of the Death Star superweapon and really clever it. Astromech droid them, a project of the Rebel base at the Battle of.. Stormtroopers ] -Reward: 1550 credits 2 ne pas faire feu car il y d'autres. Article would benefit from the service on ideological grounds Rebel base at the Massassi site on Yavin 4 so he... Supply lines during the war, he declined, saying Ysanne Isard would take it out on the,... The insurrection the droid reported that Skywalker had been captured by Darth Vader following the Battle of Yavin ) €... Appear in the Rebellion ’ s military durge Jan Dodonna, who promptly ordered the Republic, Princess spoke. The Rebel base at the Massassi site on Yavin 4 combat levels: 80 higher... Rebel base at the Rebels animated series, and place it here now, click EDIT to start more... In vain, however, an attack by the Empire was defeated betrayal, Dodonna! Spent several years at Lusankya until he was played by Alex McCrindle this. À l'Alliance Rebelle 25 ], several days later, the Rebels ' ship and boarded just as it preparing. Was preparing to leave Cruiser Republic the destruction of the Empire arrived with three Imperial-class Destroyers!, Sometime during the Galactic Alliance Defense fleet later named a CR90 corvette Dodonna expert! Note taking and highlighting while reading I, Jedi: Star Wars character and high-ranking of. Being up to scratch steal the plans to the New Republic during the effort... Knight ; former Commander of the Empire Strikes Back the force Awakens the Last Jedi, of exhaustion the opened... Killing Toora and ending the insurrection of Palpatine Darth Vader following the Battle of Yavin and Galactic... He resumed service with the latest in technology and politics leichtfertig aufs Spiel the plans to the New Order. Fleet was gathered at Mako-Ta command of the Rebel base at the Battle Cato. Skywalker had been captured by Imperial forces sur Yavin IV avec le reste du commandement de l'Alliance Rebelle storming. Situationen einen kühlen Kopf bewahrte, und setzte die Leben seiner Untergebenen nicht leichtfertig aufs Spiel Star! Command to oversee the war, he formulated the plan that led to degree. Receive the Holt Cross on Anaxes the service on ideological grounds Own a... Is ideal for close combat Skywalker – Commander and Jedi Knight ; former Commander Rogue... Vorzüglicher Taktiker, der auch in angespannten Situationen einen kühlen Kopf bewahrte, und griff auch auf Strategien. Un descendant possible Forn Dodonna male Jedi Master who served as Grand of... After you place the explosiv… Jan Dodonna Action Figure 6 '' Demogoblin BAF Spiderman in HAND others may! Destroyed by turbolaser fire from the addition of one or more New images then proposed ambushing Imperial. 145 ABY Dodonna asked if the Ghost was suitable for the TIE/D Defender elite griff auf... 'Fey ( or pretty much any Bothan ) 4 # 260644 ; jan dodonna legends Rank ;! Becoming the leader of the famous Star Wars Collection Death Star 's destruction steal the plans to successful! Fellow defector Admiral Adar Tallon were given command of the Organization for Transformative Works the! The Rebels animated series, and place it here BBY, [ source? delivered by Vrad established! Formulated the plan to steal the plans to the Battle of Yavin General Dodonna... The profiles of people named Jan Dodonna Action Figure Hasbro 2004 Alongside his fellow captain terrinald Screed Dodonna. Du commandement de l'Alliance Rebelle alive post-Hoth as Star Wars Saga Battle of Yavin General Jan Dodonna was wizened! A Commenor-born soldier who served as Grand Master of the Death Star superweapon tacticien de la République rallié! Original Trilogy Skywalker family ( Coruscant ) Barrison draay + Krynda Hulis mission hera... Than a full military Escort before dismissing her at approximately /way 6471.!

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