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Clyde Hart 400m Training Program.pdf - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. The Planning page provides an insight into the process of data gathering and preparing training programs. Or (b) 6 x 300m. – Michael Johnson’s Speedwork Training. Example Training Plan & Programs. The objective of each phase, with links to examples of a season's training plan and four-week training programs for phases 1, 2 and 3, are as follows: Training Plan - General overview of the season by phases He formerly held the world and Olympic records in the 200m (19.32) and 400m (43.18) as well as the world record in the indoor 400m (44.63). Teaching/Training Guidelines for the 400 Meter Hurdles • The 400 hurdles pose unique demands. 400 METER TRAINING SCHEDULE ONE FOR 2013.pdf. Long-term anaerobic (a) 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100m. Speed Training (1 day) 4-6 x 50 meters (30 acceleration + 20m fly vmax sprint) – 5-8:00 -minute recovery Resistance Runs (1 day) Hills: 10 x 30 meters- 3-minute recovery Stairs: 4-5 sets x (3 x 6-8 sec sprints/ walk down 1:00 rest / 3-4:00 set rest) Endurance Training (2-3 days) 8-10 x 100 meter – Technical Runs @ 75%, walk 100 rest Training All Sprinters (100m - 400m) All Sprinters (100m - 400m) 400m and 400m Hurdles Aerobic work (a) 2 to 3 miles steady running. He also once held the world’s best time at 300m (30.85). CTHS Sprint Training Philosophy-We train all our sprinters to be quarter-milers for the majority of the season-It’s much easier to train for the 400m, and drop down to the 100m, then it is to train for the 100m and try to run the 400m-Through hard work, less talented athletes can have more success in the 400m than they would in the 100m. 400 HURDLE TRAINING PHILOSOPHY Train the Athlete – Not Just the Event Know athlete’s strengths/weaknesses 400m Training Year Round - PLUS Slightly more volume More endurance capacity work More technical work Train Race Rhythm Over Hurdles - KEY No hurdle training … – Training will resemble 100 or 110 program – Training will resemble 400 or 800 meter program. Of course id be amiss to ignore one of my personal biggest influences, the work undertaken by Mike Hurst (KK) with the concurrent philosophy that really changed the way I think about training, especially the 400m. Or (b) 45 mm, fartlek. Pace: first 3 runs at around 58 to 60 seconds 400m pace. Sign In. 400m 800m training program track star usa 400 800 meter training workouts the beakdown 100m 200m training program track star usa specific training for the m runner pdf free. Circuit, Weight, and Core Training plays a big role during this phase, this is done not only to help increase that athletes overall fitness level, but also to help develop the proper sprint mechanics that are so vital at the end of the race. Anyway, as a way of keeping myself on the straight and narrow, here is the training phase I have just completed. IDENTIFYING / QUALITIES 800M RUNNER Athlete - A Goal Time is 1:51.00 Athlete - A Goal Time is 1:57.00 Athlete - A Goal Time is 2:10.00 • Endurance abilities are important – BUT do not ignore the development of: • … In this PDF training manual you will have the following information : – Michael Johnson Profile. Remainder as fast as is possible while maintaining form. 400 METER TRAINING SCHEDULE ONE FOR 2013.pdf. Recovery: jog/walk next distance to be run. Whats people lookup in this blog: 400m Training Workouts Pdf The 200m v 400m 400m / 200m = ~2.20 No oine seems capable of going below 2.13 200m best of 22.0sec = ~ 48.4sec but realistic range of 47.5 - 48.8sec 200m best of 24.0sec = ~52.8sec but realistic range of 51.8 –53.3sec Indicates that 400m time is very dependent upon 200m capabilities PLUS specific 400m speed endurance.

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