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You may also use this section to highlight how you are practitioner as well as a scholar. 6. The following list of completed forms are required to complete your hire: It is important to communicate with your supervisor regarding any changes to your situation that may impact your ability to complete the requirements of your Work Study position. Share who you are and what you're capable of. Toll free 1 866 596 0767, Facts | History and Milestones | Careers How might you quantify and qualify your experience even better? The first step is to create a LinkedIn profile. The UBC Plan makes a commitment to provide students with enriched educational opportunities, and staff with the means to fulfill UBC's vision, values and commitments. This tutorial follows on from Resumes 101. The final product of this course is a polished paper which you can use while applying to graduate schools or jobs in the labour market. In the “Job Type” box, select UBC Vancouver Work Learn Program. Keep your opening pragraph brief. Share your feedback in the development of UBC’s Student Strategic Plan. The program has five components to aid your growth: personal and professional development; developing workplace skills; exploring potential career paths; experiential learning that complements your academics; and ongoing support and mentorship. Drop-in Career Advising (all students / all topics). In the “Job Type” box, select UBC Vancouver Work Learn Program. Drop-in advising available via phone, Skype, or Zoom. Ensure that you have a “highlights section” in your resume speaking to the value you bring to the role to which you are applying. Students are not eligible for work study positions that are based on their own thesis work. You will be required to comply with the directions of your supervisor(s). Timeslots will open at 9:00 AM on Friday mornings for same-day sign-up. If you require extensions to your posting, please email work.learn@ubc.ca. Student Work Learn Positions. Consult others in your field to determine if you need to describe your teaching responsibilities or simply list the courses. Creative and Critical Studies Work Learn: Centre for Japanese Research Student Assistant This position is aimed at supporting and enhancing research activities related to Japan at the University of British Columbia. Social Media is an essential tool to connect with the job market. It may be strategic to include sections for "Forthcoming" or "In-Progress" publications. The University of British Columbia Okanagan campus. Activities unrelated to academic discipline, teaching, or research. For e.g., “Joe Davis, Manager of Customer Service, suggested I write you...”, Demonstrate knowledge of the position: say why you are interested, mention two or three strengths that make you a strong candidate for the position, The geographic location of the institution where you are applying, The focus of the role (primarily teaching, primarily research, or a combination), Your own particular strengths and accomplishments. UBC Search. Depending on your field and the nature of your research, it may be useful to include a point form list of the skills and techniques that are relevant to your research interests. IT Services | Webmail | Website Feedback, UBC’s Okanagan campus is situated on the territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation, Arts and Social Sciences This format should include all your resume headlines with additional pieces such as research interests, academic experience, and academic achievements. In all cases but one, the position I interviewed took the time to call me and tell me that I was perfect and they would have hired me, but there was someone with just a smidge more experience than I had that they decided to go with instead. Students are not eligible for Work Study positions if they are working under another subsidy program such as NSERC or Canada Summer Jobs. List the title of the course and the institution and the department where it was taught; including the course number (eg. The following categories reflect common CV sections; however, there can be significant variations in the structure  and sequencing of the CV in different disciplines. Here’s how to do it. Email: workstudy.ok@ubc.ca Rehires: Unless information has changed students do not need to submit new TD1’s or deposit form. This section is optional; it may be included if you have community activities relevant to your scholarly interests (eg, public talks at museums, volunteering with science education programs in local schools.). UBC Staff & Faculty career opportunities are posted on the UBC Careers website. What accomplishment statements already exist in your document? Find one that interests you and apply. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring that you have all the resources and information that you need. In some fields it is common to include a section describing the projects you have worked on, often with the use of bullet points. Work Learn offers students the opportunity through the experiential learning outcomes to: The following example focuses specifically on how your experience undertaking a thesis or dissertation project can be used to highlight key competencies that employers are looking for when hiring for academic positions. Make sure your profile is more then just a bare bones resume. Applications for Fall-Winter 2020 are now closed. your education, key roles, highlights). International undergraduate students should include a copy of a valid study permit and a copy of a valid social insurance number (SIN) card. Connect with others by joining professional groups, follow companies you admire to learn … Include your name, address, telephone, and e-mail, Keep the format of this section consistent with your resume, State the month, day, and year (e.g., May 15, 2018), Include the name of the contact person, job title, company name, address, and postal code, Try to obtain as many of these details as possible through research or by calling the company, Address the contact person by the last name starting with “Mr.” or “Ms.”, If you don’t know the person’s name, address the person by their job title or address your letter to “Human Resources”, Avoid “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam”, Mention the position you are applying for and how you learned about the job (i.e. )The term, Latin in origin, means “the course of one’s life or career.”. Include their email and phone contacts. Log in to CareersOnline: https://ubc-csm.symplicity.com/employers/ 2. I do not recommend being in the practice of failing to attach a cover letter to your Work Learn application. UBC’s Work Study program on the Okanagan campus is an employment program that helps fund well-paid, on-campus jobs. In some fields, you may combine presentations with your "Publications" section, but in many cases, this should be a separate section. Click “Submit”. I've had interviews for 4 different Work Learn positions over the 3 years I've been here and only this year finally was able to actually get one. Michele Gabourie 3.On your Home tab, click on “Post an Opportunity” under the Shortcuts heading on the left hand side. Include  any service to the university or discipline in this section, such as participation in committees, organizing conferences, reviewing for journals, participating in graduate student associations. The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC) is an educational support unit at UBC Vancouver that provides writing support to students, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and faculty. The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. The Work Learn Program supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus that offer the opportunity for all current UBC students to develop their professional skills and learn in a work environment. Graduate Student: Drop-in Career Advising (Masters and PhD). The faculty member must submit the research project proposal on UBC CareersOnline (employer account) by February 10, 2021.You may choose to work with your faculty member to complete the online proposal form. The physical CSI&C will remain closed until further notice. Accomplishment statements are the foundation of an outstanding and competitive resume. The Work Learn Program will provide support and guidance to both employers and students to maximize the success of the work learn experience. Winter positions are mostly 10 hours a week and summer positions are 20 hours a week. Tel: 250 807 9040, 3333 University Way Monday through Friday: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM daily. For detailed information, see the hourly timesheet cut off schedule. If you have experience with research outside of a university setting, consult with your mentor to determine if it should be located here or in a separate setting. Provide title, authors, dates, and publisher using the citation style appropriate to your discipline. Education Resumes. For more information on the employer side of the Work Learn Program, please see our Faculty & Staff Work Learn … For more information about the Division please go to our website: […] Please check back in April 2021 for Summer Work Learn positions at the UBC Farm. Sign-up for drop-in through CareersOnline. Most employers spend approximately 7 seconds scanning your resume in their first pass through job applications. If you are preparing your CV for a specific opportunity, you will also likely need to consider the following in order to customize it: List name, address, email, and phone number. All university employees are expected to contribute to the building of a respectful, safe, and productive workplace. In some fields, you may wish to include the dollar amount. 4. You may include the name of your advisor and thesis title in this section, or include a separate section about your thesis. These can be accomplishments from your past work, volunteer, and academic experiences that show your strengths & skills, Use the next 2-3 paragraphs to explain the strengths or skills you have picked, provide examples of when you have showcased these well, and connect it back to your value to the potential role, Explain why you are interested in working for this employer. One of the most effective ways to learn about job opportunities is through your network of friends, family and acquaintances, but there are also multiple resources available at UBC and online. The Job Description, Qualifications, and Student Learning Components fields are particularly important. 9 credits in previous winter term* (no summer registration required). To be eligible for Work Study jobs, students must meet the following requirements. Ensure that you have reviewed and tailored your resume to the job posting. Seven seconds isn’t long to make that kind of impression. It is specifically designed for students who want to showcase their research and academic experiences in ways that capture the attention of employers within and beyond the academy. Students must not have applied to graduation. Students must be residing within Canada for the duration of employment with UBC. You do not typically need to describe the activity (ie no bullet points). This section is most common in STEM and social science fields, but many humanists will want to list  skills related to digital projects and their fluency in relevant languages (indicate written, read, spoken.). Student Experience Office, UNC 329 Includes job title, employer, dates, city/country, and possibly a brief statement or series of statements about your accomplishments in the role. Consult with your advisor to determine if it is appropriate to do so. Examples include, but are not limited to; changes to your schedule, an increased course load, illness, or family obligations. Once you have started your job, your supervisor must submit an hourly time sheet (docx) to financial services stating the number of hours you worked within a given pay period. UBC Farm Children’s Program Worker (UBC Work Learn Project Worker) The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm (CSFS) is a research centre and local-to-global food hub working towards a more sustainable, food-secure future. It is specifically designed for students who want to showcase their research and academic experiences in ways that capture the attention of employers within and beyond the academy. List these items including: name, grantor (for example, NSERC, NIH etc. The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities globally. service to over 250 clients, collaborated with a team of four classmates, raised $4,000 dollars, supervised 10 volunteers, etc.) Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7 If you didn’t know, Work Learn positions are UBC jobs open only to students. It is specifically designed for students who want to showcase their research and academic experiences in ways that capture the attention of employers within and beyond the academy. Ensure that key elements of your resume stand out in quick scan (for e.g. Preparing for UBC; ... RESUME, COVER LETTERS, CURRICULA VITAE & INTERVIEWS. Most employers spend approximately 7 seconds scanning your resume in their first pass through job applications.

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