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Yes, natural gas will definitely be the bridge to developing renewable alternative energy technologies and supplies. Moniz stresses that although natural gas can enable the shift toward low-carbon energy, ultimately other solutions will be needed. He’s a nuclear physicist at MIT, where he helped start and lead the MIT Energy Initiative, a huge energy research hub. Hydro capacity suffers from a combination of lost political support and ever increasing environmentalist attacks on its upstream/downstream impacts. Re. my recent post:  “, Hydro may be the forgotten renewable, but geothermal has continued to grow slowly over the years and still exceeds solar, despite solar’s much greater political popularity. Dr. Moniz’s perspective on an accessible natural gas market bodes well for the future of natural gas exports. In a town hall meeting with staffers last week, new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz dropped a bombshell and a hint. Most large commercial and industrial natural gas appliances vent 300F to over 1,000 F exhaust into the atmosphere, a lot of Hot Wasted Energy. What if the technology of condensing flue gas heat recovery was being utilized to recover the heat energy, and this recovered heat energy was being utilzed efficiently? 101+ Useful references on natural gas:, Agreed, natural gas is a bridge to fossil fuels alternatives. EIA Table 3.1 ‘Primary Energy Consumption by Source’ data. Natural gas exports: Moniz was asked repeatedly whether the situation in Ukraine would expedite the administration’s plans to start exporting natural gas to … In an interview months earlier, Moniz — a proponent of natural gas as a bridge to a clean energy future — denounced what he described as "often completely unrealistic proposals for the pace at which we can decarbonize." Under such a policy regime, natural gas consumption would begin to taper off by 2050 because of the need to limit all sources of carbon, says Moniz, "but for a good period of time, if we are going to crank down on carbon emissions, we need natural gas to play a critical role.". The significance of that approach becomes clear if you take into account Moniz’s mention of solar power. Our, Ernest Moniz on Natural Gas and “Forgotten Renewables”,, Agreed, natural gas is a bridge to fossil fuels alternatives. LNG exports and to protect communities from the dangers of increased . How many engineers will be required to design the most efficient appliation for applying all this recovered heat energy? To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 30,000 others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook (also free! According to the report, the greatest potential for growth is in the electricity sector, although natural gas could also be deployed to fuel fleet vehicles, buses and long-haul trucks in the transport sector. "The environmental risks are manageable but challenging," says study co-chair and MITEI Visiting Engineer Anthony (Tony) Meggs who is a retired group vice-president of technology for BP. Duration: 4:04. Given that context, Moniz is pitching “forgotten renewables” as policy platform not only for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but just as importantly for an increased focus on local energy sourcing that will enable all regions of the US, including Senator Wyden’s rainy, cloudy Pacific Northwest, to offer competitive renewable energy options. fracking to meet foreign demand. my recent post:  “Which Government Policies and Other Factors Have Reduced U.S. Much more is needed to understand the impacts of allowing . Energy alternatives: Electricity without carbon, Deputy Director of Nanoscopy Center in SLST, ShanghaiTech, AGORA, HINARI, OARE, INASP, ORCID, CrossRef, COUNTER and COPE, Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research. Ernest Moniz, né le 22 décembre 1944 à Fall River (Massachusetts), est un physicien et homme politique américain membre du Parti démocrate.. Biographie. LNG exports, and to protect communities from the dangers of increased . Written by Jeff Siegel. NewCO2Fuels Uses Sunlight To Make New Fuels From Old Emissions, $36 Trillion Push For Clean Energy Investment, West Virginia Chemical Spill Another Black Eye For 'Clean Coal', Wall Street Suddenly Loves Solar, Just In Time For New Solar Cell Efficiency Breakthrough, Learn more about posting on Energy Central », Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations "OS", Energy Projects and Market Intelligence Manager, Senior OT System Administrator\OT System Administrator, Client Implementation Manager (U.S. - Remote), 5602 Utility Specialist - Retail Services Specialist, Senior Vice President & COO (Engineering and Operations). Over the last few years, natural gas from an unconventional source — shale — has become the largest U.S. energy story in decades, says Moniz, past undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Energy. Moniz stresses that although natural gas can enable the shift toward low-carbon energy, ultimately other solutions will be needed. I worked on a different natural gas study at M.I.T. The leading candidate to replace departing energy secretary Steven Chu is Ernest Moniz, director of the Energy Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge. Louis, Missouri, President and CEOSmart Energy Consumer CollaborativeRemote Position, Energy Projects and Market Intelligence ManagerTrane TechnologiesLouisville, Kentucky, Senior OT System Administrator\OT System AdministratorLS Power Development, LLCAlbany, New York, OT System AnalystLS Power Development, LLCAlbany, New York, EMS AnalystLS Power Development, LLCAlbany, New York, Transmission Operations SupervisorLS Power Development, LLCAlbany, New York, Client Implementation Manager (U.S. - Remote)Hancock Software, Inc.Framingham, Massachusetts, 5602 Utility Specialist - Retail Services SpecialistSan Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)San Francisco, California, Technical Sales EngineerPXiSESan Diego, California, NERC Compliance Consulting EngineerProven Compliance Solutions Inc.Remote Position, Electrical Engineering Associate IICity of BurbankBurbank, California, Chief EngineerKerrville Public Utility BoardKerrville, Texas, Senior Power Settlements and AnalyticsMarin Clean Energy (MCE)San Francisco Bay, California, Senior Vice President & COO (Engineering and Operations)Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc.Hughesville, Maryland, Our mission at Energy Central is to help global power industry professionals work better. You are here. The real question is: Ernest Moniz, Natural Gas And The “Forgotten Renewables”. Burning natural gas to generate electricity emits roughly half as much carbon dioxide as coal. It is predicted once this Oil centric government destroys itself the next one. Secretary Moniz, who was sworn into office this Tuesday, May 21, after a 97-0 Senate confirmation … (CAMBRIDGE, MA) — President Barack Obama announced today that he intends to nominate MIT’s Ernest J. Moniz to head the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Moniz, an MIT physicist and former Clinton administration official, has some controversial views on natural gas as a "bridge" fuel and other energy issues. The Energy Central Power Industry Network is based on one core idea - power industry professionals helping each other and advancing the industry by sharing and learning from each other. Dear Ernest Moniz, While I applaud the Department of Energy's proposal to end the practice . POINT (-77.0363658 38.8951118) Washington, D.C. 1000 Independence Ave. SW Washington DC 20585 202-586-5000. Re. Power plants are recognized by their big tall chimneys. EIA Table 3.1 ‘, I find it curious that in one statement on. Following up on earlier reports covering nuclear power and coal, Moniz and his colleagues took an in-depth look at natural gas supplies and the role they could play as the world moves toward a low-carbon energy system. conditionally approving liquefied natural gas (LNG) export . Which Government Policies and Other Factors Have Reduced U.S. so investors will move it forward. To safeguard against environmental problems, the report calls for transparency in gas-field practices, integrated water use and disposal plans and mandatory disclosure of the ingredients in fracture fluids. The committee this month will take up bills that will encourage hydropower and geothermal, which we would call the forgotten renewables.”, Moniz echoes this sentiment at the Energy Department town hall. They are using GreenNH3 here in Canada with great success. Even the notoriously lame draft Environmental Impact Statement written for the State Department noted that the pipeline will cross well over 1,000 waterways on its way from Canada down to the Gulf Coast, and the Environmental Protection Agency piled on by pointing out that the pipeline will carry a slurry of tar sands oil, which is exponentially more difficult to clean up than conventional oil. In a town hall meeting with staffers last week, new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz dropped a bombshell and a hint. Ernest J. Moniz served as the thirteenth United States Secretary of Energy from 2013 to January 2017. will get behind GreenNH3 and scale it up or at least tell people government is behind it. in 1985-86, and British Gas, anticipating that we would be critical of their stances, refused to fund us. "It's unacceptable that Ernest Moniz is being considered for a role in the Biden administration—his policies, his financial ties to fossil fuel companies, his contempt for youth climate activists, and his overall unwillingness to do what it takes to protect our future should disqualify him immediately," reads the site, which was launched by Oil Change U.S., Greenpeace USA, Sunrise … Join us for smart, insightful posts and conversations about where the energy industry is and where it is going. Ernest Moniz, Natural Gas And The “Forgotten Renewables” was originally published on: CleanTechnica. Home » Secretary Moniz on Natural Gas and Renewables. Hydro may be the forgotten renewable, but geothermal has continued to grow slowly over the years and still exceeds solar, despite solar’s much greater political popularity. | doi:10.1038/news.2010.318, New study finds untapped shale reserves set to displace coal if carbon pricing enforced. He’s an outspoken supporter of carbon capture and storage (CCS), a false solution favored by fossil fuel executives because it allows them to continue … Wind and solar need to be able to compete on an equal playing field. applications. The MIT study pegs the US supply at around 2,100 trillion cubic feet, which is enough to fuel the country for roughly 92 years at 2009 consumption levels. Are renewables truly competitive to and have zero environmental impacts compared to current energy supplies, or, only in the case of artificially-substantially increasing the costs of fossil fuels (carbon taxes, etc.)? Sign Up for Email Updates. Although the MIT analysis doesn't go into detail about the potential for replacing coal with natural gas at the international level, Thurber says the opportunities could be huge in places like China. That brings us to something we’ll call the “forgotten fossil fuel problem,” namely, the environmental risks and costs of long-distance fossil fuel transportation. The technology of Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery is designed to recover most of that waste energy, making this recovered energy usable in the building or facility where it was combusted, or available to be supplied to others to be used efficiently. Research and development programmes should thus continue for renewables, nuclear and carbon capture and storage systems that can be applied to both coal- and natural gas–fired electric generation. Increased natural gas production is also the major reason why U.S. carbon emissions have declined in recent years. If the United States — and by extension the world — has a hope of shifting to a low-carbon future, that shift will almost certainly involve burning a vast volume of natural gas. Ron Wagner states it the closest. Industry consumes the same quality of natural gas. This group brings together the best thinkers on energy and climate. Biogas can be a very large factor, and natural gas is not called natural without reason. Though major disasters like the BP Gulf Coast oil spill have brought attention to the risks involved in oil drilling, the fact is that fuel transportation is a risk factor that faces a current and future double whammy of increased development combined with an aging, under-monitored infrastructure. Secretary Moniz on Natural Gas and Renewables. Carbon Emissions? The phrase “forgotten renewables” came up during Moniz’s confirmation hearings, in the opening statement of  Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR). Wasser: Ernie Moniz is a local guy — born and raised in Fall River. The US EIA states that in 2012 commercial buildings and industry and the power plants consumed approx. Regarding the aging infrastructure of oil pipeline transportation, take a look back at the disastrous Enbridge oil pipeline spill that polluted 40 miles of the Kalamazoo River in Michigan two years ago with full cleanup nowhere near in site, or consider the damage done to a residential area and adjacent Lake Conway by the more recent ExxonMobil pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas. Natural gas can be combusted to near 100% energy efficiency. As for the hint, Moniz mentioned that the Energy Department will ramp up its efforts to develop small hydro, engineered geothermal systems and other “forgotten renewables.” That could have a profound impact on the ability of different areas of the country to leverage local and regional energy resources for economic development. Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz: "Natural gas in this country has caused a revolution that has led to a majority of our carbon reduction.”. Speakers: Dr. Ernest Moniz. "Gas is where you have the most leverage over climate on the energy supply side right now, and I think this report does a good job of emphasizing that," says Mark Thurber, associate director for research at Stanford University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development. I want it now. Start a Post »                 Learn more about posting on Energy Central ». Ernest J. Moniz Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NTI. Natural gas received another key endorsement as an important tool in combating climate change and maintaining grid reliability from the Energy Future Initiative’s Ernest Moniz, a former Energy Secretary under President Obama who is rumored to be a top contender for the role in a Biden administration.. During an event this week, Moniz told Politico: This is proven in the residential market with their condensing boilers and water heaters. The bombshell, at least as far as fans of natural gas are concerned, is that Moniz sees natural gas not as a permanent fixture in the U.S. energy landscape but merely as a temporary “bridge” to a globally competitive, low carbon future that is well within our grasp. Carbon Emissions?” (most). This page has been archived and is no longer updated, Published online 26 June 2010 | How many chimneys are poking out of the roofs of commercial buildings and industries across America How many jobs can be created assessing all these locations? The report also recommends that the United States continue investing in natural gas research and development programs. There will be some days in the summer when the exhaust can be cooler than the outside air temperature. It's also easy to share a link to an article you've liked or an industry resource that you think would be helpful. The real question is: how long will the bridge be?. The president-elect campaigned on 100 percent climate-friendly electricity by 2035, a timeline that could squeeze natural gas — currently the nation's largest power source — off the … Ernest Moniz was sworn in as the nation’s 13th secretary of energy by Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman in a ceremony this morning for the Energy Department’s employees, kicking off a first day that includes briefings on energy and national security as well as remarks to the 2013 Energy Efficiency Global Forum. He began serving in June 2017. If you have an experience or insight to share or have learned something from a conference or seminar, your peers and colleagues on Energy Central want to hear about it. In a town hall meeting with Department employees, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz talks about how a boom in natural gas might be a boon for renewable energy. 17.5 Trillion cu.ft. fracking to meet foreign demand. What if there was no chimneys? The technique, which involves injecting high-pressure fluid into rock to open cracks and release gas, has also raised environmental concerns because of contamination risks to aquifers and surface water. As a concrete example, the study includes an in-depth modelling analysis of the Texas electric system, which is largely self contained, and found that a 22 percent reduction of greenhouse emissions from the power sector was achievable in the short term, with similar opportunities available across the United States. Given all of the above, it is little wonder that Ernest Moniz has called this “the crucial decade” for getting advanced renewable energy technologies off the ground and into the mainstream marketplace, natural gas or no natural gas. I find it curious that in one statement on “forgotten renewables” these are described in terms of “Competitive Renewable Options”, and, other statements condemn current needed/demanded fossil fuels in terms of “environmental risks and costs”. We could go on…for example, there’s the issue of impacts from centralized natural gas storage and distribution hubs, wastewater transportation from natural gas fracking operations, the growing impacts of coal transportation, and the looming problem of petcoke disposal. So concludes an assessment by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, who estimate that the US could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector by at least 10 percent virtually overnight by shutting down inefficient coal-fired plants and ramping up gas-powered generators. 40% ~ 60% ? . Lower cost and zero emissions. That puts the United States behind only Russia and the Middle East as a whole in terms of supply — a dramatic transformation compared to less than a decade ago, when falling production rates triggered price spikes and speculation that the US would soon be forced to begin importing large quantities of liquefied natural gas. The new report on The Future of Natural Gas comes at a time when 'hydraulic fracturing' technologies have opened up huge reserves of gas associated with shale formations across the US. In a new video released today by the Department of Energy, Secretary Ernest Moniz comments on how the United States should take advantage of the natural gas boom and use it as an opportunity to further develop renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower. Deputy Executive DirectorCommonwealth Utilities CorporationSaipan, Northern Mariana Islands, US, Chief Engineer, P.E.Commonwealth Utilities CorporationSaipan, Northern Mariana Islands, US, Supervisor, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations "OS"Commonwealth Utilities CorporationSaipan, Northern Mariana Islands, US, Technical Manager for OilCommonwealth Utilities CorporationSaipan, Northern Mariana Islands, US, Project ManagerLS Power Development, LLCSt. Significantly, the study found that with a 'level playing field' approach in which the relative prices of various energy sources are set to reflect the carbon dioxide they produce, gas could almost entirely displace coal burning in the US by 2035. That’s a problem begging for a policy that focuses more on local sourcing, with long distance transport reserved mainly for electricity and not solid or liquid fuels. Louis, Missouri, Asset ManagerLS Power Development, LLCSt. Your access to Member Features is limited. He notes that a typical high-volume 'frac job' may return 50 to 100 thousand barrels of fluid to the surface, which would require safe disposal to avoid contamination. DOE's own analysis makes it clear that . ), follow us on Twitter, or just visit our homepage (yep, free). What will this do for America’s Environment? applications, much more is needed to understand the impacts of allowing . He describes solar as a form of energy that will be “a lot bigger than most people think sooner than they think,” but he goes on to acknowledge that it is a regional strength, not a national one. How much of this combusted energy was wasted,  blown into the atmosphere, at what temperatures? Please show them your appreciation by leaving a comment, 'liking' this post, or following this Member. "We are now perhaps at the 10-year mark of what has been a real natural gas revolution in this country. Natural gas is the fastest way to reduce pollution and carbon emissions in the real world, that is a proven fact. Though he starts off by stating that “this natural gas boom is a boon” in terms of its relatively low carbon emissions, he uses that to make the case for a more aggressive pursuit of a long term solution in the form of advanced alternative energy technology, including small hydro and engineered geothermal as well as “other options:”, “…gas [is] kind of a bridge to a very low carbon future…it affords us a little bit more time to develop the technologies, to lower the costs of the alternative technologies, to get the market penetration of these new technologies.”. DOE's own analysis makes it clear that . Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced utility bills = Profit, Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced global warming, Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Reduced CO2 emissions, Increased natural gas energy efficiency = Water conservation. The Obama administration has initiated a partnership to analyze shale gas resources in China, and the MIT report recommends that similar work be pursued in other countries as well. Instead of hot echaust COOL exhaust will be vented. Prior to this, he served as the Associate Director for Science in the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President of the United States from 1995 to 1997 and was Under Secretary of Energy from 1997 to 2001 during the Clinton Administration. exports will … Now add in the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project. Dear Ernest Moniz, I applaud the Department of Energy's proposal to end the practice of . Moniz … How many mechanical firms will be hired to install all these Condensing Flue Gas Heat Recovery systems? America’s Power Plants are the countries largest consumers of energy. Secretary Moniz on Natural Gas and Renewables. Yes, natural gas will definitely be the bridge to developing renewable alternative energy technologies and supplies. Projected energy use under a 'level playing field' climate policy shows how natural gas drives down coal use to minimal levels by 2035, largely because of the high carbon price on coal. Exporting natural gas would provide … of conditionally approving liquefied natural gas (LNG) export . By the way natural gas is quite renewable. of natural gas. "Gas really is a bridge, but the bridge has to go somewhere," Moniz says. While spending considerable time acknowledging the advantages of low cost natural gas currently, Wyden makes clear that natural gas is not the answer for sustainable, long term competitiveness in the global marketplace, given the potential for low cost renewable energy technology breakthroughs outside of the US: “Today, low cost natural gas provides our nation’s economy with a competitive advantage.However, new technological breakthroughs could put our competitive advantage at risk in the foreseeable future…Renewables must be part of that solution. "In my mind, the next discussion should be, 'Okay, well how do we do it?'". “Ernest Moniz is the wrong climate voice for the moment. By Ernest J. Moniz and Alain Ebobiss é. Sept. 24, 2019 7:11 pm ET ... lacking investments and infrastructure, have yet to take full advantage of their abundant natural-gas reserves. Energy Central contributors share their experience and insights for the benefit of other Members (like you). The US DOE states that for every 1 million Btu’s of heat energy recovered from these waste natural gas exhaust gases, and this recovered heat energy is utilized efficiently, 117 lbs of CO2 will NOT be put into the atmosphere.

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